Which amp to match Thiel 3.5 - Ayre, Bryston, CJ?

I am looking for insights for you guys for my next potential project.

I am considering a CJ 2200, or a bryston 4B-ST, Bedini 250/250 or a comparable Ayre such as the V3.

The reason for my latest craze is that i might acquire a set of Thiel CS 3.5 speakers and the above amps (all around 200 W in 8 ohms and high current) would be a good match for the speakers.
Any and every opinion is more than welcome, but please keep them directed on the compariosn between the amps or your personal experience with any of the above.
I will not be offended if someone suggest Adcom or other brands, but it would be more valuable for me if I could get insights regarding my original question.
Thanks in advance for the help.
Sancho22, nice speakers! I had a pair soon after their release. Small budget then. I first had a Haffler 200, just OK. Later upgraded to a CJ MF200 in the late 80s and it was much better. I would think any CJ (non-tube) would be great. The 3.5s are not an extreemly hard load so higher end tubes with power for the bass boost will work great, but that may not be practical.

A friend has an Ayre v3 with Thiel 3.6s which sounds great and you may know the 3.6s are a much harder load. I owned those as well.

Right now I have another pair of 3.5s, pick up used for a second system, that runs off an old Adcom 545 which is just enough for medium volume but the sound is very nice. A CJ or Ayre would be better...for a lot more money.

Bottom line, you may need some power depending on room size but there are many options for the 3.5s.
Thanks a bunch. I figured Ayre would be a really good match. Looks like I can get a CJ preamp and amp for the price of Ayre though. Both CJs local and very close to me. The choice is between two great sets potentially. The real question at the end will be which one sounds better - especially to my ears.
I heard the V3 on a pair of 3.6's and did not like it at all. The V5 is a different story. The V3 sounded dull and lifeless and I also played it in my system. Just didn't like it and neither did my friend. He sold it quickly. The V5 is a much better amp. Of the other amps you mention I would choose the CJ. Not sure of your budget but Krell and Levinson match Thiels nicely.
Well Krell and ML are a bit too pricey right now. I might go with the CJ.
I wasn't trying to be rude about the V3 just relaying an experience. Like everything in this hobby it is system/ears dependent ;)

I would think the CJ would sound better. The 2200's are decent amps.
Threshold S/500 Series II!
I listened to a pair of Thiel 7.1 with Moon W6s & W7 Mono blocks. The W6s did not have the power for the 1 ohm bass load of the 7.1 but every thing else sounded great. The W7s had to be modded by Moon because of the load and they sounded awesome. You might want to try Moon amps.
Hevec1 has a good point. My buddy did have a Moon Celeste (not sure which one)and it was a great amp for the money. I was shocked at how good it sounded especially at that price point.
I heard the V3 with Theils at a show; sound finesse, although it tended to run out of horsepower with only 100w/ch. So that might depend upon room size & your listening preferences. If it were me I'd maybe go for the V5 or other larger amp with Theils which apparently like some power. But that's me; I like mega headroom. Perspective: I drive my horns with a 200w/ch Accuphase! In fact you might want the P450 on your list it's a great one. I also have a V3 and I'm keeping it around, it's very good too.
Well the speakers are here, juts picked them up as my B-day present :-).

I have the Bedini 801 amp and BAT VK3i pre on loan. Will try with these as well as with my 700M Kenny.

I am picking up the CJ 2200 tomorrow and hopefully a CJ preamp as well. The CJ combo would run as much as only one of the other mentioned components...
Happy Birthday! I'm a fellow 3.5 owner that just celebrated a birthday too. The CJ's should work nicely. Best of luck.
Well first of all thanks and Happy B-day to you too.

I just picked up the two CJ componenets and listening to Diana Krall. I can swear that she is in my LR, with the band. My jaw is dropping. I can see why Thiel suggest CJ componenents. I am 95% sure the CJ amp is the way to go. I will let the "little" Bedini 801 aly one more round, but can hardly belive it will get to this level. The combo sounds fantastic. I have a BAT VK-3i tube pre to test as well. It might edge out the PF-2 but it should be MUCH better to convince me to pay so much more.
OK off I go for some more listening.
CJ won by a hair. The Bedini 801 and BAT VK3i was just a hair behind; it was like game seven overtime. I liked both, but the CJ has more power, more bottom end and somehow richer (?) sound. I really wanted to love the tube pre, but the CJ combo edged it out. I think i was overall the winner as I had the luxury to spend a few days auditioning all this great gear. Now, I just need to fix the eq hiss which started yesterday. Hope Thiel still fixes those....
The EQ's have a reputation for needing periodic maintainance. I've never had trouble with mine. I've sent mine in "just in case", no problems found. If it's hiss, are you sure, it's not the tweeters? The tweeters are not particularly delicate, but due to the ultimate loudness capability of the 3.5's, some previous owners might have to pushed the speakers beyond their amplifiers capability. Do keep any ear out for the midrange drivers, as they are a bit delicate. More importantly, I think you'll find Thiels customer service second to none.
Thanks, I'll check. However, no hiss w/out the eq with any of my amps. I do think it is the eq.
It does indeed sound like the eq. Just to be sure, you might want to play with the interconnects. Good luck.