Which amp to drive Verity Parsifal Ovation Monitor

I am considering purchasing either a Simaudio 600i or Pass Labs Int-30A to drive Parsifal Ovation MONITORS. I use JL fathom powered subs to augment the monitors bass response. I listen at moderate volume levels in a medium large room (26x16). I currently use a cj CA200 int amp and am thinking of switching.
Not a Simaudio fan... heavy into advertising and appearance, but light on performance. Go with the Pass... not even a contest if it where my money... but then again, I'd be looking to go with tubes.
You are on the wrong track. I have heard both and preferred the Simaudio on Verity speakers. But those speakers allow low powered tubes and that is where you should go with them.
I have used Simaudio amps with my system since I purchased a pair of Parsifal Encore and have been very very happy with the pairing all the way up to my current Verity's Sarastro II's.
The sound stage is very open, deep and wider than the speakers themselves. There are no issue in the upper or lower fequencies and the mid-range is magical. I found that the Ovations like the power and it made them come alive if you will with very little effort or stain. The music is just there and very natural.

Make sure when you listen at the dealer that the speakers are broken in for at least a week. Verity's do take a while to break in and settle down. You may not have an issue since you are only using the monitors.


Thanks for your advice. To those who recommend a tube amp, do you have any specific recommendations? Ideally I'd like to stay with an integrated amp.
I have used a Cary SLI 80, and a BAT VK300xse with my Parsifal Encores. While the Cary was great with Fidelios, it was a bit thin with the Parsifals. However the BAT really is a great match.

In your situation using only the monitors you may prefer the Cary.

Just a couple more options..
A French reviewer just loved the Yamaha a-s2000 integrated amp with his Verity Parsifal Ovation's !