Which amp s for Sonus Faber Amati

I am in the process of purchasing a pair of Sonus Faber Amati's. I would really appreciate some help in pairing these with the right amps. I have considered the following:
BAT VK600M and Lamm M1.2, both sounded great, what about Mcintosh, Krell and Audio Research. Comments from current Amati owners will be very much appreciated.
My Amatis are paired with Convergent Audio JL-1 Monoblocks, which really make them sing, a great combination of power and finesse.
There's a VAC Ren. 70/70 for sale here now & I think it would be a perfect match for the Amati's.
70 wpc of 300B bliss will make them sing in all their glory!
Heard them locally with Linn Klimax pre/amps. I'm a tube guy who's not been impressed for the most part with switching technology; but this was good. I only listened for a short time however, so I don't know if it would have eventually lost me to fatigue or not.
I have heard them with Rowland's 312 very nice

also with Manley 500 , a little too much bass for my taste (with preamp Jadis JP 80) but for the rest incredibly good.
I have heard Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario with Jadis JA200 amplification, Jadis JP80MC preamp and Jadis reference digital source JD1MKII drive and JS1MKIII DAC.

That was absolutely the best sound I have ever heard.

I heard many top-end systems including Vandersteen 5A and Wilson Audio speakers, and many different amplifications like DartZel, Audio Research and many others.

The Amati with Jadis produced absolutely synergy and easy to listen and pleasure sound. The speakers were positioned about two meters apart from front wall and depth of the soundstage was incredible.