Which amp next ?

Just sold my ML335( driving Von Sch VR4SHE ) Looking for
something a little stronger as they seem to thrive on more
juice.Want to stay with solid state and single chasis (no room for monos)My current short list includes Pass 350.5
Mccormack 500 and possibly Bryston 14B. Have a modded-GNSC
Wadia 861 up front W/all Acou.Zen cabling. Tastes incl.
small jazz groups, female vocalists,and a sprinkling of
Country. Liked the 335 a lot but would'nt mind a little more
openness on top. Would appreciate your advise.Thanks for your time. Ampless in Phx
Gous19, all the amps on your audtion list are excellent possiblities, however I think the Pass Labs X-350.5 is a pretty special amp, that's why I have one in my own system. I wrote a review about the 350.5 that contains information about what other amps I listened to during my audtion process that you might find helpful. I too, also use Acoustic Zen cables throught out my system like you do. I believe that the 350.5 would be a giant step up from your ML335, but you will have to audtion any of the amps you mention to be sure regarding personnal taste/synergy with the rest of your system. My vote goes for the Pass but your ear's could tell you something different.
I would seriously consider the CJ Premier 350 as well.

Thank you for your timely response.We have to rely on other
Agoners like yourself for"hands on" experience,as it's almost impossible(as you know)to have access to or audition
the various amps of intrest. I'll give the 350.5 serious
thought. Had to omit some other potential candidates because
they lacked balanced inputs ie. CJ premier350 and the Edge
you mentioned in your review. Thanks again.
I second the nomination for the 350.5. I own the 250.5 and love it. I can only imagine that the 350.5 is exceptional s well.