which amp is the best for 2 channel and HT?

I am in the market to looking for the best amp for under $3000US. I am listen 70% for music and 30% for HT, and I am using EAD Theater Master Signature for Preamp Procesor. This is 3 amps that I really want it:
1. Mark Levinson 333
2. Pass Lab X 250
3. Theta Dreadnaught II
but if you known some of different amp that better then this please let me known. Thanks a lot and I am looking for your input...
Personally, I have a 2CH/HT setup and I have an amp for the fronts and an amp for the center and surrounds. I think the most critical is the front channel amp.
I also have a TM for processor, but have the new 8000 and it is working really well with my Classe CA3000 on fronts and an Adcom on the others. Just something to think about.
You didn't say what speakers you were using. It makes a critical difference to know what speakers are being used to make some recommendations. In reality, there is no "best amp" as a blanket statement. It all works in the context of what other associated equipment you're using, in regards to making amp sellection (not mentioning out-put/room size considerations). If I know better what you're using on the speakers, I can make a few recommendations. Also, is that used or new for the amp?
I'm using classe 300 as monoblocks for the front left and right, and a single sunfire cinema grand for the surrounds and center. In stereo configuration they were good, but much more liquid when bridged. My speakers are thiels. 300's come up used around 2 grand each. Lots of punch with the warm sound of tubes (they are solid state). My set up is a home theater 7.1 using a Lexicon MC12.
That's my input.
For $3000 the ML 333 is a great amp. I assume you are talking about a two channel amp and including the Theta as a two channel amp given the price range. A friend has the Pass labs X250, but I have not been over to listen to it.

I currently have the EAD PM2000 and the Signature. Together they have incredible synergy. I have tried and heard the Dreadnought I, but went with the PM2000 for more bottom end control and a slightly less revealing top end. I use to own Aerial 10T's which are great with the Dread, but now with Magenpan 3.6R the PM2000 sounds great. Who says maggies don't have bass. I am currently playing with tubes and I can see all the hub bub about them. Hence why I posted my system for sale. We will see.

I can tell you amps sound diferrent no matter what anyone says.

If you like the simplicity of a 5 channel amp the Dread or the PM2000 may be the answer. Like Angela, A two channel and a smaller 3 channel amp for center and rears may be the way to go.

It will help to include your speakers as many of us have been there and done that.

Angela how are you enjoying your 8000 pro? Were you a previous EAD users? I hear great things about the unit. I was wonderign when someone was going to review it.

I compared the Ovation-8 to my Signature and I felt the Signature was a better performer in two channel with the digital flywheel set at 1. The Sig had a warmer more textured sound while the Ovation-8 was a bit brighter maybe more transparent. For HT it was a toss up. Then again I was using the Maggies to listen.

Happy listening

Get the Dreadnaught and end it- mine is fantastic!
Sorry I am using B&W 802's N.
If you want a warm kinda sunset at the beach sound with utmost fidelity try Sim Audio.
If you want excitment and spunk try Bryston, but it can be harsh.
The Mark Levinson is clean and bass heavy.
I think the Theta will have that a sound not unlike the Sim Audio amps, but better sound stage, which is not so important if you are running multichannel.David
If 2-channel is your priority, I would not sink so much money into a 5-channel amp. Instead, I'd spend the most money I could on a stereo amp and buy a decent 3- or 5-channel amp for the center/surrounds. I've heard Classe works well with B&W, but I know that B&W themselves use Levinson amps in the listening rooms at their factory, so I would certainly factor them into my demo schedule. Then I'd probably buy something like a used 3- or 5-channel Rotel amp for the rest of the system if I didn't have enough amplification laying around. Not optimal, but like you I care more about critical 2-channel listening than surround stuff, so that's where I'd put the lion's share of my money. Best of luck.
Thanks a lot for your input. Do anyone heard about EAD PowerMaster 2000. Should I get that or spend more money one 2 front channel and inexpensive for 3 channel. thanks

The EAD PM 2000 is an outstanding 5 channel amp that actually bridges when in a 2-channel mode. I however like others have noted would opt for the best 2-channel amp I could afford and settle on a decent 3-channel for my center and surrounds.

The only advice to offer is that I would think any multichannel amp is aimed at HT sound reproduction and not so focused on 2CH/music reproduction. I have no clue if there is any fact in that assumption, but that is what I would assume and to get really good 2CH sound, a 2CH amp is in order. AND a 2CH amp that gives you the TYPE of sound you like - analytical and detailed or warm or whatever.
I am using BVaudio http://www.bvaudio.com.
This is two channel setup.
I am using BVaudio http://www.bvaudio.com.
This is two channel setup.
The EAD Powermaster 2000 would be a great choice for your EAD Signature. I have one hooked up to an EAD Ovation Plus and have never looked back. Incredible sound for both music and home theater.
Since purchasing this combo, I have also invested in two channel solid state and tube gear. After a few months of not playing the EAD combo, I hooked them up and the magic was still there.
Stereophile Guide to Home Theater gave it it's highest rating, not just for movies but for music playback.
I own a Classe Cav-180 and it's great with music and home theater. I think it is very close to the Theta Dreadnaught but it costs less.
How about buying a killer amp(s) and preamp for the front 2ch, a matching preamp with a HT pass through, and use a flagship Reciever to run the audio and decoding duty for movies. That is how I plan to proceed, but I do Music at least 90% and am not a videophile by any means, nor am I a wealthy man, so this route makes most sense to me, though your situation may vary.
Nevermind! Just saw in your old threads that you have 25K to put into your system, so ignore my post!