Which amp is good for Spendor SP-1

My Carver amp has given up the ghost. I'm looking for an amp that would match my Spendor SP-1 speakers. Ant recommendations would be appreciated.
i have owned the spendor speakers and i really like how musical they are....i especially liked the cayin tube amp , also naim solid state, if these are not in your price range, then consider rotel...they work well with most designs i believe..hope this may give you an idea....i used mine with the cayin tubes and loved it..
I was a dealer for them, have used them since 1970 (BC-1) and have used more amps on them than I can remember. What I am using now are a Musical Fidelity M3, and Meridian 605s, both discontinued. I have not heard the Exposure 2010 myself but it has an excellent reputation as a very musical amp. Some of the older Musical Fidelity would also be very good and are available at favorable prices. The Spendor is not demanding but I have found out that it will sound better the better amp you use. Tubes are fine if you are inclined that way.
Thanks for the responses.I see that audio advisor is selling the NAD C272 for $500. It that a good match? will I do better with the used stuff here at audiogon for the same price? They also have the integrated C372 for 799.
i don't see where anyone suggested the nad, but they are excellent units, i would buy the most power i could buy in the nad intergrated sereis, they are very musical but you don't want to drive them real hard, they do have the protection, but buy POWER, also , i believe the audio advisor will let you return within 30 days...good listening , also i wanted to mention, there is a musical fidelity intergrated for 700 on audiogon, and iknow that is a beast and i have owned one.....
NAD are wonderful values, offering neutral sound and generous watts. I really like the NAIM integrated amp 5i and can also recommend the Exposure 2010 or the LFD Zero III.