Which amp in this system?

Ok Guys,

I'm looking for an amp that will work in this setup. Used, probably. Not overly expensive please. 850-1000 U.S. dollars.

Current system:

Rotel RCD971 cdp (transport)
MSB Half Nelson Link III
Audio Research LS3Br preamp
NHT 2.5i mains

I'm not looking to switch anything else yet, so please don't suggest it (b/c i KNOW everyone has their own opinions). I just want to get the system up and running using what I have for the time being. Thanks.

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Onto the problem at hand, if you are happy with your Rotel transport, would you consider one of there amps? I had a 990BX many moons ago and I still think I got the best dollar:performance ratio from that piece out of everything I have ever owned. Perhaps something along the lines of a RB-991BX, you would be well with in your budget and it is a piece that one could live with for a long time with out much if any complaint. The main thing I didn't like was the 990 didn't have a detachable power cord as where the 991 does. So it allows further tuning down the road if you desire. There are many other choices which I am sure some other kind members will make you aware of ;) Enjoy the hunt
Blue Circle BC22, or if you want something compact, you could get the BC CS amp new.
A used ARC D-130 would mate well with your LS-3B. I used this combo for a few years and found there was great synergy between the two.

I've read mixed reviews on the D-130. I heard it's sorta flabby in the bass region and not very transparent. Could you shed some more light on this amp, as I would have to buy it used, sound unheard. thanks.


Thanks for your suggestion tireguy, but I want to step it up a notch from the Rotel stuff - never really liked their amps OR their cd players, for that matter. The one I have was essentially handed to me.


BC22 - There's a good idea! I'll look into that one. I really like Blue Circle equipment...might just do the trick.

When will all this tinkering end???!!!

thanks everyone!
I agree with the ARC suggestion. Due to the NHTs inefficiency (but nice sound) you should get at least 100 watts or 50 watts tubed.

If you don't like Rotel sound, stay away from Aragon and Classe (all are a bit laid back). If your budget is not up to an ARC, go to www.jeffssoundvalues.com and check out some reasonably priced used gear.
Why not go with Bryston 3b-st or4b-st which is a great match to your speakers?