Which amp for the audio physic caldera

i am glad to own the audio physic caldera (three box version). i use the tweeter of the audio physic cerubin instead of the original one which is much better. i although have two audio physic rhea and a wadia 861 se which i use as cdp and preamp. so i am just looking for a good poweramp. i would like to have two mono amps and at the moment i´d go for the kronzilla dm. is there anyone who has experiance with this setup and has another idea, please tell me.
I have the same question, but was thinking about the Pass X250.5 or Krell FPB.
From a technician I heard the damping factor should be above 100. The Kronzilla doesn't meet that, but I have no idea if that's a real problem.
Hi Fst,

Just wondering which amp you bought for your Caldera's. I went for the Pass X250.5 with X1. It sounds wonderful, allthough I miss some slam.

What are your experiences ?