Which amp for my Renaissance 90s?

Hi guys
I just purchased a pair of the oak finish Ren 90s from a friend.
Now I need a amplifier to bring these speakers to their full potential.
New or preloved doesn't matter either.
I'm looking for either mono blocks or a 2channel PA.
From my understanding these speakers love a high current amp to really make them justice.
I have never heard them but I cant wait to listen to these beauties.

Thanks guys
Congrats on your purchase. I also have these speakers and they are very special indeed. I use a Krell FPB300cx amp and it seems a perfect match. This amp costs a chunk of change so you may not want to use something so spendy. There are a couple of Infinity forums out there than have a lot of information. I feel one important note is make sure you have enough CLEAN power. The High Energy EMIT & EMIM speakers like clean, good power. If you blow one you will be in a world of hurt finding a replacement. The owners manual says they have a self-protection circuit. I've never heard it kick in which is a good thing. Be carefull with those tweeters.
Enjoy, John
On the cheaper end of things a Parasound A21 works pretty good. I have owned a number of Infinity loudspeakers including the Renaissance 80s. They like lots of power and can be matched to the best gear, if you choose. I also liked the Conrad Johnson Sonographe amp but it has the C-J flavor (if you like that). The biggest mistake would be to put a dry sounding amp with the EMIMs, not a good match.
Thanks for your response guys.
I did a quick search on Infinity forums but didn't find any :(
Jsd52756 Would you have the web address to any of them?
Thanks again
My hunch is a conrad-johnson Premier 350. Several years ago I heard a c-j 350 driving an Infinity IRS Omega. This pairing was reference level. I don't remember the cables or digital source but i'm sure the c-j was very influential. Both the IRS Omega and c-j Premier 350 remain all time favorites of mine!
That C-J 350 seems very impressive indeed,Will look into that for sure.

I have looked at Emotiva amps but I have never seen or "listened" to one.
I'm in Australia and they seem rare here, I have read some reviews on the net and they seem to be very hard to beat for their price.
I wonder if you guys have any input to give me about those amps if they would suit my new speakers.
Thanks again guys
Emotiva and Infinity EMIMs/EMITs are not going to like each other. The Emotivas are a bit on the lean side, they say. They will have the power and detail but might be short in musicality from what I have heard. Perhaps with the right pre-amp that could be sorted out.
Infinity Classics & Bobby Shred are 2 website forums that have a lot of info.

Hope it helps