Which amp for my new Volti Razz

My order is in for my own pair of Volti Razz. I have three amplifiers to choose from in my small collection. Of course I’m going to try all three. However I’m curious what my fellow brothers and sisters here in the Church of AG would suggest. Feel free to suggest others that aren’t on my merger list that i currently own.

1. McIntosh 240

2. Rogue Atlas III

3. Cary 2300A (an early 80wpc hybrid from Cary.)

As always I appreciate and welcome any and all thoughts.

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I like the MC240! A simpler circuit than the other two yet enough power for the Volti's.

I’m loving my Moonriver 404R with some CW4’s, and they’re not too dissimilar to your Volti’s.

Quicksilver horn mono's.+2

25 glorious watts into 4 or 8 ohms only $1500/pair. WOW!


Hello all, thank you for the feedback. 

I have been seriously looking at the Quicksilver horn mono's. 

Until I can save the scratch for those, I'm leaning toward the Mac 240. 

Reason being is when I had the Rogue RP1 pre into the Atlas III, it was very noisy. Very audible hiss when I owned a pair of Klipsch Heresy IV. The Mac was much quieter. 

The folks at Rogue explained it as gain structure and noise floor. I get it. (rolling some input tubes helped a little)

That's why I'm thinking that the Quicksilver Horn Mono's with their noted input sensitivity would be a good match. (or am I off base). 

That’s why I’m thinking that the Quicksilver Horn Mono’s with their noted input sensitivity would be a good match. (or am I off base).

No your not off base.

The Quicksilver horn mono’s have lower gain then most amps, the McIntosh MC 240 has adjustable gain. Both should work great with the Volti Razz speakers. 😎


Call Mike at Quicksilver and ask if you should get Horn Mono or Mid Monos. 

I am making a suggestion from experience helping hundreds and hundreds of listeners with their set ups. Get the speakers. Set them up as optimally as you can; the best seating distance and toe in; minimize rear and side wall reflections, etc. Listen to the 3 amps you have.....get to know the speaker, and to hear and experience the qualities, whether good or bad, of all 3 amps currently owned. Take your time, and you will determine what it is YOU like, and don't like. Some hundreds of hours of play time to break the speakers in......and then shop for your ideal amplifier ( which does not exist, btw ). If you listen to bass players such as Stanley Jordan ( he is just an example of having the ability of playing " fast " ), you will likely want a dc coupled solid state unit ). Unfortunately, it is all about compromise, and what characteristics are most important to you. I own horns, and for my preferred characteristics, dc coupled, class A solid state is what I use. This is, of course, my opinion. Good luck. MrD.  

Great Speakers !  They can really play loudly with low watts, heard them at AXPONA last April being driven by a 16 Watt SET amp and the sound was huge.  

What preamp do you have?  

@avanti1960  currently the set up I am really enjoying is a Rogue RP-1 with my McIntosh 240. Very sweet and musical, also quiet. They are powering a pair of Tyler T-1 monitors on stands. It really is a good combo. I am just really looking forward to the dynamics and emotion that I’m anticipating with the Volti’s.