Which amp for Marantz Av7005/ B&W 680 speakers

I recently purchased the Marantz AV7005 to replace an Onkyo receiver pushing my B&W's. Have 683 fronts, 684 rears, htm center. Will be using 685's as surrounds once I decide on amps and figure out how to properly mount. B&W does not have any useable chooses other then stands which I currently have but want to elevate for function and appearance.
What I need input from all of you is in my choice of amps. I am leaning towards Emotiva XPA-1's for the fronts and possibly XPA-5 or purchasing a XPA-2 for rears with the monos for the fronts. If I get the sound I'm looking for with a 5.1 setup then that's ok, I will use the 685's somewhere else. Even with that underpowered onkyo I was able to piss off the neighbors 2 units away.
Ideally I would like amps that have plenty of clean/useable power in reserve but could handle the needs of the B&W's, they are amazing speakers but seem to starve for power. Also want amps that won't push me into upgrading my speakers. I think I may have caught the audiophile bug, I always seem to be chasing that perfect sound/performance.
Have a budget of $2500
Have you thought of going used and specifically B&K amps. It seems like some are prematurely dumping their B&K gear due to their bankruptsy and subsequently being bought out by ATI. Some really good amps on the used market right now. Here are a couple of suggestions for your setup. No affiliation with these ads.



I own both of these amps(not ones in ads) and could not be happier. Powerful, neutral/warm, quiet, cool running with my Klipsch RF-63's.

Thanks for the input Bill, I am not to0 familar with B&K but I will do some research on them before I purchase with-in the next 2 weeks.

More FYI, I had orginally looked at a pair of store demo Rotal 1091's, but decided against for warranty reasons. Would hate to spend that much coin and then have warranty issues.

I guess I was really looking for some valid reasons "not" to go with Emotiva other then the typical, "Their not Krell's or Classe's".

Anybody have any reasons not to pull the trigger on the Emotivas'?

Thanks in advance