which amp for infinity speakers

Hi there, I've got 2 pairs of Infinity speakers (RS4, RS5) (anybody likes to comment on that?). Up until now I used a JVC AX-500 amp which never satisfied me really, and it is now slowly dying on me. Has anyone a suggestion, what amp/preamp combo would go well with this set of speakers? I'm willing to spend about 2k on this (for truly great sound I might exceed this limit a bit). The speakers will be in service for a couple of years before I can even think about replacing them, knowing that my taste is expensive... The other equipment: Nakamichi deck, standard CD player not worth mentioning, revox reel machine. Thanks a lot!
hey If you really want to spend that much on those speakers I suggest and acurus because its powerful for most speakers including yours and if you upgrade speaker that amp and preamp will power of wide choise of high end speakers. You also have the choice with Acurus to buy an AC-3 Preamp. Have ful in the demos
I have had my shares of infinity speakers...from small ones to kappa's...over the years, I have found out that high power adcom or Yamaha sounds the best. They some what smoothout the cloustophobicness of the infinity speaker.