Which amp for Energy Veritas v2.3i?

Hi, my brother is giving me a pair of Energy Veritas v2.3i's. They're for my living room for 2-channel music exclusively. Room is 16 x 26' with an 11.5' vaulted, beamed ceiling. l listen to a lot of vinyl - 60s, 70s soul/blues (Stax-centric); electric soul/jazz (Miles' Tribute To Jack Johnson is a go-to); solo guitar (Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Leo Kottke). Then random listening to a variety of rock, pop and indie rock through an Audioengine B1 Bluetooth DAC. Listening will be more casual/social in nature - parties, small get togethers, etc, with the occasional more-discerning solo listening session solo or sessions with like-minded family and friends.  

Forgive my newbie questions. My budget is around $500, so I'm drawn to the the used Adcom market. The manual for the speakers states that a 200 watt amp is optimal. So will I be okay with 100 wpc or do they mean 200 wpc?  I see a Craigslist offering for Adcom GFT555 tuner, GFP555 preamp, GFA545 amp (100 wpc), $350 total. The same guy has a GFA555 (200 wpc) for $350, and I figure I could get the pre-amp for somewhere around $150 to go with it. Will a GFA545 at 100 wpc do it, or is the GFA 555 where it's at? 

I'm also looking at NAD integrated - for example will an NAD C 356Bee (80 wpc) drive these speakers? This stretches my budget because I'd need a phono pre-amp, as well. Would that be worth it? 

Any input from y'all would be appreciated, including other amplifier options to get these things up and running. 
Get the NAD. Its a bit more refined in the high frequencies. The Energy with its aluminum tweeter can sound bright. If you want to play records, you can buy a phono card for the NAD. It should have enough power, but one of the unique features is having the amp and preamp section connected with external jumbers. This means you can use it just as an amp, or just as a preamp, without having the signal pass through the unused component. If you decide to upgrade to seperates later on, it makes things a lot easier.
I I agree. I have one of those NAD's in my bakery/cafe and we use and abuse the heck out of it, usually driving 2 pairs of speakers. Not only does it sound great, but it's been so rock solid reliable.

$350 for the Adcom trio sounds very tempting.  What would make me hesitate is that that series of Adcom equipment is 25 years old.   The NAD 356BEE is probably in the 10 year or so age range.  It is all good stuff, I am just not a fan these days of buying used. 

I am a big fan of buying new, assuming my wallet is in agreement.  If you can stretch your budget to $700, I would buy the Outlaw RR2150 receiver.  It would give you everything that the other equipment would give you ... phono input, separate preamp/ amp jacks, tuner, and it plays very loud.   

I have owned Adcom (555 power amp and GTP II preamp/ tuner) and NAD integrated (320BEE) and Energy (RC 10) during the last 25 years.  I have owned the Outlaw since its introduction in 2005. I use it in a bedroom system, so it gets played each day.  You get a lot for the money.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm very intrigued by the Outlaw - plenty of power, good functionality and a good value. As a fan of silver face receivers (I've got a Marantz 2226 and a Nikko 7075, both of which I cleaned up and got sounding nice), I like the aesthetic of it, too. 
If you like a silver face plate, just get a Rowland and be done with it.
Thank you mb1.  Your Rowland comment put a smile on my face.  I had right knee replacement surgery 3 weeks ago (the left knee was replaced in June).   Chuckles have been few and far between.  Best of the New Year!


Yeah, that gave me a good laugh, too. Touche! Congrats on your new knees, Rich. I've seen that transform people's lives.
kd - thanks.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, as you work your way through this.