which amp for bedroom system with harbeth 7es-3 XD

I have enjoyed my Art Audio18W set amp in my bedroom for a long time but recently got the Harbeth 7es-3 XD and while excellent sonically do think a little more juice might be better still.  


This is for a bedroom system so dont want to spend big bucks so primarily considering the Rogue stereo 100 or the Benchmark AHB2.  I have the benchmark la4 and benchmark dac so leaning towards going all benchmark.  I can say that with my ZMF verite closed headphones I am quite happy with the dac and heaphone amp on the preamplifier.  So I am not considering an integrated amplifier nor a tube preamp.


I hesitate with the AHB2 only in that dont need nor would get subterranean bass with the Harbeth in bedroom so perhaps the Rogue would sound better in the midrange.  I do like Herb Reichert reviews and he suprisingly preferred the rogue in ultralinear mode with the smaller still Harbeth 30.2.  I listed to all types of music but want a vocals champ and certainly dont want an amplifier that is forward sounding (although that is hard to do with Harbeth).







a grand cheaper than the benchmark... will make the c7's sing beautifully - very pure sound, but no tubey coloration though

Thanks of input...not looking for integrated or add a subwoofer....looking to spend no more than $3500 so supernait too pricey.

I had the Rogue Stereo 100 and it would be a good match with the C7ES (which I also owned) but they sounded better with my old rogue audio cronus magnum ii which has become quite a classic pairing with the C7s.  

not recommending the cronus magnum ii but rather the atlas magnum power amp. 

if you haven't heard a hegel amp do so before you buy.  suffice to say i have not heard one that i liked the sound of, including the H190 driving the C7ES3 and the pairing was as soft as mashed potatoes.