Which Amp for B&W N803

Which will be the best Pre/Power goes with my N803.

Current Source:
Cardas golden cross cables

Listing mainly Jazz & Classical. I have been considering the Jeff and Spectral, is it a good match?? Do I need to look for high power amp >200W?

I drive my n803s with "only" 120 watts, and it is plenty in my medium size room. I use the MF A3cr pair and like the sound a lot.
I have my N803 driven by a Mcintosh MC352. sounds very dynamic. Love it especially with Jazz and with female vocals.
I use the Bryston 3BST. Plenty of power, 120W, but will soon be experimenting. The addition of a Rogue 99 (in place of the Bryston 20) was a significant improvement in removing the edges from the high end instruments - cymbals and violins.

Try something like a Plinius SA-100 or 102. The plinius is a great match with the B&Ws. I have heard the 803s with a Plinius 102 and it sounded great. I feel the Plinius matches well with the B&Ws strengths and offsets some of the 803s weaknesses. Good luck
I use N802's for the L & R front speakers and N804's for the L & R rear surrounds. Both sets are bi-amped w/ Denon AVR-5803 receiver to drive the bass portion of each speaker (170W), with a B&K Ref 200.7 (200W) to drive the tweeter/mid portions. Incredible dynamics and detail. I originally used less power but all of these speakers really opened up after givin em the juice.
I emailed B&W to make sure it was OK and they basically said it was more likely to cause problems if the speakers were underpowered, and difficult to give them too much power. These speakers are engineered to handle serious loads, in fact it seemed like they were just waiting for it.
I say, try it, you'll like it.
What is your budget? try classe or pass lab
I've heard a BAT system that sounded great with the 803's. VK-30 pre amp and VK-200 power amp.
Krell FPB 300x PERIOD!!!!! As they say: "listen and you will see"
With the N803's I had used a Mark Levinson No.383, BAT Vk30 pre/Vk200 amp and a Jeff Rowland Concentra II, the Concentra II was the best by far, not even close; furthermore I felt this was a great match.