Which amp for B&W 802 Matrix series 3

I am primarily playing vinyl on my system and sometimes CD's, looking to upgrade my TT and get into an MC cartridge. I am currently driving my system with a pair of NAD 2200's and an ARC SP-4 pre-amp. I was considering a pair of ARC M100's as my first tube set, have not found any opinions on how this might mix with the B&W's. Is it a mistake not sticking with solid state? I have considered Classe solid state as well, but the vinyl bug has bit me.
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Hi PRealtor76,

Depends on the sound you are looking for...i love tubes personally and have owned a CJ tube amp in the past. Today, i use tubes in my preamp and in my sources...but use SS in my amplification. Everyone has a different 'alchemy' to create their blend.

In your case, the B&W 802 require a lot of high current to be driven with control and clarity and definition. A touch of warmth in your amp will be no bad thing to someone who is considering tubes for amplification. Classe amplification is a very good start.

I suspect you will find tube amps produce amazing midrange magic with the B&Ws...but relative to high quality SS, perhaps not the tighest bass. The 802s are quite demanding and can use up whatever power you throw at them.

Personally depending on price range: CJ Solid State, Classe, Gryphon, Vitus, the discontinued Forte 4 (bi-amped), FPB series Krell, perhaps Parasound, SimMoon Audio, NAD higher powered amps, those come to mind for now.

As for the vinyl bug hitting you...i am not sure that is mutually exclusive with tubes at all. You've got tubes in your preamp if you mean you are looking to keep warmth in your system.

Any of the above amplification options will make a big difference over what you are running now...the 802s are great speakers and will really shine with high quality, high power. good luck! and enjoy!
Agree with lloydelee. The 802/3 work well with lots of power. They work well with mcintosh but I prefer Nelson pass amps for my 802/3. If you move them away from all walls and add a subwoofer to add a touch of weight in the lower octaves, they are golden!
Thank you, I looked into all the amps mentioned. I found some threads on the ML 27.5 that looked interesting too. I may be leaning towards a pair of Classe CA 200's. I think those will be within my budget and will be a nice upgrade to tide me over until I make the move to a better TT, cartridge and head amp. I like the looks of doing the silver fronts to match my ARC pre and my Arcam CD.
Since it appears that I may not have the right speakers for a lower powered tube amp, I'm hoping the Project Tube Box ii will put the right amount of tube warmth into what comes out of the speakers along with upgrading to an LP12 with a Denon DL 311. Any opinions on my "ultimate plans"
oh and btw lloyd, the ARC SP-4 is an SS pre-amp.
Got it...good luck! sounds like you're starting to narrow down to some fine options...like the Classe option.
I have made several mods to my LP12; email me if you would like a description. Not a sales pitch; I bought them all retail and have no connection with any of them; just did a lot of research and willing to share it. Linn's upgrades are $$$ but there are cheaper options.Get the Tube Box SE. stanleywallen@yahoo.com.
Mac + B&W = HEAVEN

Using a vintage 200w/ch. Mcintosh MC2205 with my B&W Matrix 802s3. Wow never thought it could be so good. Beat 90% of the sound at AXPONA audio show. ARC LS-7 preamp
by Poloman
Poloman- What source do you use most? I'm almost completely vinyl for any serious listening. I have been buying a lot of new audiophile pressings. I have continued to research, considered used ARC amps... I don't know, fear of making the wrong decision is the only thing stopping me. The price on the MC2205 is more reasonable than most of what I have been looking at so I guess if I don't like it, I should be able to sell for what I paid.