which amp for 12,500

i have a wadia 861 and B and w 802 speakers. i have about $12,500 ready to go on an amplifier and wondered what people recommended. i listen to jazz 80% and classical 20% of the time. I really enjoyed the sound of the mcintosh 2102 tube i listened to. I didn't think much of the Mcintosh 501 monoblocks.

thx all for the input
used VTL 750 reference
Listen with your ears, then decide which amp is for you. Cheers.
If you want tubes take a very hard look at the Canary CA-339. By far the best amps I've owned, though I use them on speakers that are somewhat easier to drive than your 802s. Another option would be the Convergent Audio JL-2. There's a review of the latter on this site.

If you're interested in solid state, think about the Parasound Halo JC-1. They have a great reputation for a combination of power and delicacy. They seem to be a particular favourite of the Soundlab crowd, and if they'll drive those they'll drive pretty much anything.
With B&W, Classe Omega is a must audition.
On the solid state side (which is what I auditioned recently), my favorites in or under that price range were the Theta Digital Enterprises and the Edge NL-10. You may be able to afford the Theta Citadels (which are almost universally raved over) or the Edge NL-12. I had both the Enterprises and the NL-10 in my home for an audition, and to my ears the Theta had better soundstage width/depth, slightly better detail, and a more musical presentation overall.
Hi AJ, if you enjoyed the MC2102 I would get a second MC2102 amp, sell the 802's and upgrade to the 800's...and put the 4000.00 to 5000.00 your saving into a tennis bracelet for the wife for being so cool! Best of luck!!
TRy to listen to the YBA passion 1000,Gryphon Signature Antileon,
if you like them you may be able to find them on audiogon they retail for much more.You may like the sound of Accoustic Reality monos,great amps very light weight great sounding.The first couple of amps are very heavy,they are great.I have sold all my classe amps I fohnd them to be VERY dull.