Which amp for 100-500 hz jbl ti120

I currently have a Carver pieceOs*** on the bottom jbl Ti120 12's(100-500 hz)accuphase p-20 on the top end and crown k2 on my dual jbl pro 15" pushpull custom sub. All is ran through a x303es, rane 3way crossover, ultracurve 8024. No preamp, cd direct into the rane. Iv'e been through 5 amps on the 12's and the only amp that sounded real was a 20+ year old sae(Amp is now toast which is the reason I'm using the carver). As I am not rich I want to spend at most 500. Im thinking mayby a older accuphase or mac ss, but might be difficult to find under 500. I listen to almost all music, but my fav is jazz. Any recommendations welcomed.
By the way, that old p-20 makes horns sing.
Try Bryston, you can find an older pro model in your price range.

Why not get the SAE repaired if you really liked it ? You would have the amp that you want and it would probably be cheaper than buying something that may not work as well.

Out of curiosity, which SAE is it ? I've got the "biggest & baddest" SAE that they ever made i.e. the 2600. If i can remember correctly, it was rated at 450 wpc @ 8 ohms. Sean