which amp around 2500-3500 ish

I have a peachtree nova that I use with my computer and would consider using it as a pre amp. I have Kef xq20 bookshelf speakers that I like. I would like to add a second set of speakers and cannot do it with the peachtree. Was wondering what others might suggest. thanks steve ball
Not really enough info to make suggestions; what speakers are you considering, what is the room size, what are your listening tastes etc.
If you like the tube/solid state hybrid approach (which the Peachtree uses), Van Alstine makes fantastic gear in the price range that you are looking at.
It makes a killer pre/dac.
used BAT vk55se - excellent value. NT
Thanks for the input. The room is a 20x30 shop. Just like good sounds and my bar in the shop. I haven't decided on a second set of speakers, was looking at the amplifier side first. Anyway thanks for the input and I will look into these amplifiers.
I was just wondering if anyone was using a peachtree nova as a preamp...thanks