Which amp and CDP for around $1200?

I'm looking to get a dedicated CDP (preferably new) with either an integrated amp or a power amp/passive pre-amp combo (used would be fine). In total, I'm hoping to not spend much more than $1200.

I'd be most grateful for any advice or experience about what components would work well together. Especially with the latter amp option a careful matching of components is vital. (For the CDP, I'm thinking of Arcam CD73, in part because of a local dealer who's OK with home demoing and who would probably sell me one for around $600.) Thanks!
odyssey has a new intigrated -you have to call its not on the web page yet-i think klaus said it was about 850$-
great sound and a 20year warranty

I have had excellent results pairing the NAD C320BEE integrated amp ($400 list) with the Music Hall MMF CD25 cd player. Absolutely magical pairing ... warm, rich, detailed, and engaging sound. If ARCAM is where you are headed, the ARCAM CD 73 is designed to be paired up with the A65 integrated amp and is in the same ballpark price wise.

Regards, Rich
The Audio Refinement Complete Alpha series has a wonderful sound. The integrated amp, which usually sell used for under $600, would probably work well with the Arcam. In your price range there are a lot of good options. Give a listen if possible.
Thanks so much for the suggestions -- can I fish for some more?

I currently have NAD C352 for an amp and fear it may be the stumbling block for a CDP such as Arcam; that's why I'm looking for an amp at the same time. I listen mostly to dynamic rock (of the grittier variety), with some jazz and acoustic blues on the side. I look for a system that's dynamic, musically involving, and produces balanced and transparent sound across the frequency spectrum. Future upgradability is a factor, but not an overriding one.

Odyssey Cyclops (the new integrated) looks great, but it's a little too simple in its input options, given my needs (I also need to run my DVD player through the amp); Khartago with a separate passive preamp might work better, if I could swing the moolah.

Audio Refinement Complete Alpha interests me a great deal. I also hear good things about Jolida 1501 (tube pre/SS power). Any experience with that? Going perhaps a step below, what about Onix amps? With any of these amps, I'd need to come up with a decent but inexpensive headphone solution for my sporadic can listening (Grado SR-125). Any advice on a solution?

Listening opportunities will unfortunately be limited, so advice on matching would be greatly appreciated.
You might investigate the Roksan Kandy MkIII integrated. Very well reviewed by the British press and one of the most versital amps out there. Headphone out, phono preamp and two preamp outs as well as remote control.
i dont have much to say for amp,but as far as cd go for Arcam cd92 if you can find one.They are outstanding.Very very good sound.
Funny coincidence, Coffeey: I'd already found a good deal on the Arcam 92 with very few hours on it. It arrived yesterday and I'm still just feeling it out, but I notice great improvement in all respects. Makes me a happy camper. The next stage is to start thinking about the amp upgrade; if I wait for a few months, I think can get into something in the $800-$1,000 range. More research to be done. Thanks for everyone's advice.