Which Amp?????


I am currantly looking in the multi amp market. I have narrowed it down to four.

1. Anthem P5
2. Theata Dreadnaught II
3. Parasound Halo A51
4. Gemstone Audio Blue Diamond

I am currantly running a Sunfire Signature Cinema Series.

I am very passionate about two channel stereo so, I want an amp that is breathtaking in that regard and will kick serious butt when the dvds are going. I have also considered an Anthem P2 for the mains and sticking with the Sunfire for the Center and Surrounds. I would appriciate any ideas or opinions towards this. I know that it is ultimately my decision (and for the most part my mind is pretty much made up) but I sure would like some feedback from people who either own or have auditoned any or all of the above named pieces. Thanks.
I auditioned the Anthem and Parasound and Theta.I would say that the Parasound and the Anthem were in the same league.The Theta though was in a totally different league, with a huge difference in sound.It is free of the solid state sound and sounds more like a tube.More detail throughout the whole range.I am not familiar with the Gemstone at all.