Which altec speakers do I have?

I bought a pair of altec lansing speakers.The guy I bought them from bought them new and said they were voice of the theatre cabinets with sro woofers and altec lansing horns.They are very large. 48 inches high,31 inches wide and have a horn on top that radiates out of the cabinet.They have regular stereo speaker connectors and the horn and woofer cabinets are the same but separate pieces. They have handles on the sides of the cabinets.And the woofer cabinet has an adjustment for the tweeters highs. They are the finest sounding speaker I have ever had and I have had some of the best.I know they are old but any information about them would be appreciated.The woofers are 15". 89vett
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I really would love to know the answer to this question. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 89vett
I was an Altec dealer in the 70s and early 80s and owned (and loved a pair of Voice of the Theater speakers for many years -- I still have a pair of Altecs). I think you have either the 1236B cabinet which typically is 54x30wx24deep. You may also have the 1234B which is 45x28x27.5deep. Do you know which horn you have? Is it the 511 or 811B? I suspect the later, which means the cross over is at 800hz. Generally the woofer was the 416-8A. Email me if you have more questions about these since I still have some old Altec product brochures. There's also a good unofficial Altec website that may be helpful.