Which alcohol to use?

I'm going to mix up a batch of vinyl cleaning solution for my record cleaner, a Nitty Gritty Mini-Pro, using the VPI additive. Others have recommended that I also add 10ozs of alcohol to the mix to help the fluid spread more evenly.
My question is, is it okay to use a pure grain alcohol, such as 'Everclear', as opposed to isopropyl? Would the grain alcohol damage the vinyl in any way?
I am not sure but pure grain alcohol is not available for sale in most states, especially the 190 proof. I would hazard a guess that it is much more expensive than isopropyl. Due a search on record cleaning fluid recipes.
Recent thread. Ethanol evaporates faster than isopropanol.

I use whiskey.
B_limo......I've got some excellent 12 year old bourbon but don't know if I want to waste enough to clean my LPs.
Cuccarese- Send me some and I'll tell you if it works ;~)
I'm sure it would work in my, uh, system!!
You might want to try TechSpray. It is 99% pure isopropyl.
When I used to dj, I used gruv glide. Anyone ever try that? It seemed to work well for me.