Which? Adcom GFA-5802 or Audio Refinement Multi 2?

Recently picked up a Theta Miles CD Player and I am choosing between these two amps (local to my area) to match with it. I'll be using the Miles direct into the amp as it has analog volume control. I've owned an AR Complete Integrated in the past and it sounded pretty good. Recently read here that the separates don't sound as good and wanted some confirmation/feedback on that. Some say they are too soft or veiled. I never auditioned the 5802, but owned an 555II some time back and it sounded pretty good as well. I liked the punch of the 555II. As for pricing, the AR is $445 and the Adcom is $550. Both units are in excellent condition. As for speakers, I'm using NHT VS-1.2t tower speakers with a sensitivity of 86db so they like their power. The AR makes 130wpc @ 8ohms. The Adcom 300wpc @ 8ohms. Basically, I am looking for the one that will best complement the sound of the Miles.
Hi,I currently use a 5802 with a Theta Pearl and Pro Prime . My speakers are PSB Gold ii , and we love the amp . My wife could hear the difference between my 555 and the 5802. I haven't heard the Audio Refinement , but the Adcom sounds great with rock , country , good luck.
The Miles is a little on the dull side, and your speaker are fairly lean sounding. I would get an amp that will breath some life into the system. If you can find an old Pass Aleph, that would probably be a good match.
To me this is a complete no brainer, get the Adcom. You need the power, the GFA-5802 is a terrific sounding amp, the price is right. What are you waiting for?