Which Acoustic Zen spkr cables for Legacy Sig III

There seems to be some confusion. Which would be more suitable for The Legacy.s which are 4way tower speakers?

The Holgram II Bi wire or The Satori Shotguns?

That's a really interesting question. I asked Acoustic Zen the same question in respect to my Legacy Classics right before they brought out the Hologram II BiWire and their answer was the Satori Shotguns, because the Hologram were optimized for a 2.2 K crossover. As I remember, your Signature III's when driven biamped cross over at 120 Hz (only the 10" speakers are driven on the bass leg of the crossover, the other speakers are all driven off the treble leg). I'm not sure what they'd recommend now with the hologram II's, but if you get an answer, I'd appreciate knowing!

The Satori Shotgun is your only choice. The Hologram will not be able to deliver enough information to the top end of your Legacy’s. The Hologram is an excellent cable, however it was not designed for the application in which you are speaking of.

David Schiavone
Acoustic Zen Technologies
Hi Dave,

I believe it was you I spoke to about the cables when I called AZ. Thanks for the answer, I've been wondering whether the new version made a difference.

Have you considered the Alphacore Goertz MI-2 copper. I owned Focus speakers for 8 years and loved the combo. At the time I bought them I auditioned Purist,Kimber,Tara Labs,Audioquest,MIT. I liked the MI-2 the best and they were the cheapest to boot. I biwired them and thought they sounded fabulous. Just something else to think about. Enjoy listening.
This is a speaker I have been considering of late.

If you don't mind, could I ask why you got rid of them???

Holgram II mono run's with Jumpers. At least in my application.
My above post was cut off. To clarify, I tested the Holgram II Bi wire, Satori shotgun and Hologram II mono with the jumpers on my Legacy's and found the mono with the jumpers to sound best.