Which A/V receiver for Pioneer monitor Center ?

Please help an analog guy, but total Vidiot. I want to dive in the baby pool for video. I am looking at the Pioneer mini monitor SP-BS22 and it's center channel. The speaker is the Jones design that's getting all the nice reviews, and with the center, it's $229 for both. For the receiver, I am thinking about Marantz nr1403. So here's my concern- Should I go for a Pioneer receiver, or will the Marantz match up just as well? All I want to do is have better sound w/ my Panasonic Plasma, and use my Panasonic BR player, which I now use to stream netflix. In the future, maybe a CD player too!
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Thanks Bob. The salesman I know wasn't there today, but the guy I chatted with suggested to do the center also. I had no intention of doing one previous to his advice. He said I may be missing alot because often times that's where most of the voices come from. Frankly I'd love to do without it, not because of the cost, but having to find a place for it. As far as Marantz vs. Pioneer, I just figured the latter would have better synergy w/ the Pioneer speakers. Thanks for the advice on the Blu-Ray player. I didn't realize it could play regular CD's

Agree with Bob, you should try it without the center. You will not miss any information. When the A/V receiver is setup with no center, that information will be split into the L & R channels and a center image will be created, just like 2 channel. Off axis listening may be a problem depending on the distance of the L & R speakers to the screen, however if you are sitting far enough away, that might not be a problem. If you find the voices are not to your liking, then add the center, and you will have a level adjustment for the center speaker. Nevertheless, you have nothing to lose in trying no center, and should it work to your liking, you don't have to find a place for it.
Tls49- Thanks very much. It started out as fun, but honestly the center channel was more than I was looking to get in to. I really just wanted to improve what I already have, and I feel the Plasma built-in speaker is the weak point. I like the idea of tip toeing in to this w/ just 2-channel....
If sound quality is important, Yamaha receivers also get high marks. The RX-V377 isn't as stylish as the Marantz but is $150 cheaper and would probably do just fine. I also agree to start without center speaker if you're not sitting far off axis. Just another option, and best of luck.