Which $500 Speaker Next?

I'm going to be buying a new pair of speakers in a few weeks and wanted to get some input from you all.

My equipment is Classe CA-150 amp, lightspeed attenuator...
Looks are important, I like detail, imaging, tight well defined bass, maybe a little forward sound... My listening room is a small to medium sized bedroom

Brands I'm looking at:

Swan D1.1se
LSA .5 or 1.0
B&W 601 S3 or 685 local
Tannoy Revolution DC6
Focal 705v or 806v
Selah Audio
PSB Stratus Golds local (completly different from the others here)
NSM 10s local

And Anything else here on the Gon around $500.

I like all types of music. Vocal and drums need to sound good, along with guitars.

Thanks ahead of time for your input!
Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 ($349) or 10.2 ($449)with Sanus all steel stands will be less than $500. I have the 10.1 and am very happy in a medium room. The sound is full, rich, extended with more bass than you expect and life-like voices and strings and shimmering but not bright highs.
BA A 26
Thanks T!

Thats a speaker I haven't looked at yet but will do!

Two more speakers I forgot to add is the quad 12l2 and possibly the clue.

And again, I would like some good looking speakers with high quality drivers, crossovers and nice solid cabinents. I am not against buying used at all.

Thank you again!!
With the Lightspeed in your system, I suggest you get a speaker with higher sensitivity i.e. > 89db.
I like the PSB's. I've listened to lots of them. (Dealer disclaimer) I think something by them would fit the bill. I expect, based on your post, the golds might be a bit bass heavy. I would recommend something else in the line.
I picked up my smaller pair of OHM Walsh speakers (100 series3 drivers in refurbed Walsh 2 cabinets) for $600 used here on Agon a few years back.

They are my favorites in general of all I have tried in my various sized rooms, especially for the price.

Any variation of older OHM 100 series 3, series 2 or current OHM 1000 or 2000 models should perform similarly and might come up here from time to time, but not all that often.
I would not leave out a pair of Monitor Audio RS-6 if you like a dynamic, detailed and lively sound at that price point....Great speaker for the price!
I second Tgrisham's reco on the Wharfedale Diamond 10.1's. Hard to beat for under $500, IMHO.
I would look at the Omega Super 3i for $595 or the Omega Super 3T for $495.

These are single driver, crossover less speakers. I have had either the Super 3i or 3T in my bedroom system for the last 9 years. Excellent with vocals, guitars, and acoustic music.


I have no connection to the seller.
There are some good deals on the Focal Chorus speakers right now as they are being phased out. 705v, 706v, and 806v are likely in or close to your price range. I love Focal speakers myself, but not everyone agrees. Music Direct has the 30 day return policy that I think would apply to the speakers...
Milpai, the Classe CW-150 has an input sensitivity of 1.1v to clip it. Sources these days are 2v and most are even higher than this, the Lightspeed will be at mid position to almost clip the amp. There is no need to get higher sensitivity speakers as the amp can only go so far.

Cheers George
I don't know, those swan d1.1 and d2.2 look beautiful, get great reviews, are cheap, look to be built well with good parts...

Those warfdales look nice also, and I also like those full range speakers that don't use crossovers...i'll def conside those also, thanks!

Keep the input coming please! Got a week and a half before I get something :-)
I have two suggestions, based on recent auditions and a purchase:

Instead of stand-mounts (and sorry, they're a couple hundred bucks more but don't need stands), but the Focal 714V impressed the hell out of me in all the things you're looking for--clarity, midrange purity, air, detail, room-filling sound and ambience, nice tight bass. They're very petite--about 36" tall x 8"w x 11.5" deep. These speakers immediately disappear when the music starts. Normally $1200/pair but marked way down for MusicDirect's moving sale at $719 with free shipping and return privileges.

Second, after auditioning a bunch of stuff, I came home with some Magneplanar 1.7s. Too big and too much for your stated needs, but you can get the MMGs factory-dierct for $599. They're so thin and light you can tuck them up against the wall and then bring them out just to play the music. Maggies are magic. No boxy resonances or noise floor. Music and a well-defined soundstage just floats out into space. You don't listen *to* Maggies so much as listen *through* them.

Still, for maximum transparency and room-filling sound for minimum floor space, those 714Vs are hard to beat.
The Sjofn HiFi - The Clue - speakers for sale here for $500 used are a real bargain and are still a real bargain at their retail price of $999.

I have no connection to the seller but owned a pair for awhile and was constantly astonished at how good they were at so many things. I bought them on impulse out of curiosity after reading so many rave reviews.

I sold them only because I couldn't justify keeping both them and my DeVore Fidelity Super 8's. The Clue didn't quite have the refinement of the DeVores but it was remarkable how close they were at 1/4 the price.
I'd seriously consider the small maggies. They might be a squeeze in a smallish room, but you can back 'em up to the wall when not in use. Just an awfully good value at $600ish new.
FWIW...Boston Acoustic A 26 ***** whathifi review...demoed this at the Needle Doctor...my jaw dropped when the rep said they cost $400...soundwise...easily 800-1k...that good
Thanks everyone!

2nd time in two days that I wrote a long response only to have it get deleted....

So, I've been interested in maggies and kind of forgot about those so I'll check them out. I see them come up here locally for sale so I'll check c-List and report back (denver c-list if anyone wants to help!).

Good to hear that the clue was like- thanks!

So I went and looked at b&w, sonus faber, focal, golden ear this morning.

I actually really like the b&w cm5's, but a little pricey.

The focals were okay but they were hooked up to a nad whereas the others were on a moon int.

I think here in two weeks I'll go pick up a few pairs to demo at home.

P.S. those Swans are still tempting me...
Without fail, in these discussions, someone recommends the Monitor Audio RS-6. Awful speaker. A muddy mess.
I think you got me wrong. I am not doubting the Lightspeed. But from my personal experience I found out that more voltage can make a passive system sound better. I have a TVC in my system. I used to run RCA between this TVC and my amp (1V sensitivity) and it sounded good. Occasionally I had to turn my volume position to 17 (of available 24) for music to sound good (e.g. Sara K. - Hobo, Chesky Records). But once I connected XLR between the TVC and the amps, it was a different ball game.
Go Google TANNOY REVOLUTION DC6s reviews

WHAT-HI-FI 5-star rating

They impressed me enough toactually buy them, when I went to audition them against a bevy of quality alternatives.

Well worth an audition if you can arrange it ...

With a $500 speaker sound quality should be most important not looks! With that in mind a 2nd hand ATC SCM 7 or Magnepan MMG will compete or exceed anything available at this price point, if your concerned about what's on the recording.
Lol @ Dayglo; I suppose you are right my friend. Funny how we americans want it all and really don't want to pay for it (I'm in sales).

Anywho, I am a bit scared to get a used pair of maggies after reading about repair costs etc. so I'll look at those mmg's (by the way, I don't think they are ugly.

Also, good to hear about that Tannoy! Still high on my list.

One more possible contender: the Wavetouch Grand Teton. Couldn't find more than one or two reviews though. Any input from some people who have heard the grand tetons? I was kindly offered an outstanding deal on a pair to help get good reviews out there. The deal was offered with a 30 day money back guarantee....

Desicions decisions...

Thanks to all who've replied!!

Pioneer B22 at $125 and NOT because Stereophile just named it "budget" product of the year...because they are good.
I thought the Wave Touch speakers were $2,000 ?
You could grab some Klipsch klf 20's and throw Crites titanium tweeters in them.
Okay, quick update:

I decided to go with another pair of paradigms (studio 40's v.4). I got them for $500, they are rosenut and in perfect shape.

Since I sold my 60's, I replaced my classe ssp 25 pre with a lightspeed attenuator, upgraded my cables and powercords, upgraded my wadia 170 power supply and added acoustic treatments. The 40's v.4 absolutely smash the 60's v.5, and I believe its because of the changes I've made to my rig since the 60's.

I listened to some Dali Icon 6's and Totem Arros for 4-5 hours before deciding on the 40's. The Dali's had good detail and attack, the Totems disappeared, had great tone, were very musical, had great bass for a speaker that size but just lacked some detail and resolution that I prefer. The Dali's and Totems would have cost $200-$300 more than the studio 40's which was also a determining factor.

I was also offered a great deal on the WaveTouch speakers (thanks!) but decided against them because I didn't care for the looks.

Anyways, I'm super happy with the studio 40's and for $500 I feel like I did well.

Thanks for all the input guys, I appreciate it!!