Which 30K Speakers Would You Give Up For Tekton Double Impacts?

Since I keep reading and hearing that audiophiles have replaced their 30K speakers with the Tekton Double Impacts, I started this thread to see what speakers and why they were replaced.  I really want to know who did this and why.  Personally, I do not believe anyone would give up 30K speakers for 3K speakers, but what do I know anyways?
Well I sold speakers with a retail price of $22,000 for them.  AZ Crescendo. Not quite $30,000 retail, but I think this stills falls within your post’s intent. Thanks. 
And I sold Daedalus Ulysses, which also fall short of the $30,000, but which many people (including me) feel are excellent speakers.


So you guys got rid of 20K+ speakers for a 3K set of speakers? Was this purely on sound or did asthetics come into play as well?


Few speakers will match the gorgeous Daedalus speakers in terms of aesthetics, but that is not as much a priority for me as it is for some. The Double Impacts may not be "eye candy," but I think they look fine and the sound is excellent.


Have you considered a career writing audiophile haikus?
Goodness sound only as the DIs are not good looking speakers. I have owned other speakers like Soundlab M1s, Harbeth 40.1, Coincident Total Victory II, Lahave Audio $18,000 speakers, and many others.The DI is in that league and better in many respects.

"Two swallows does not a summer make."

30 years ago, I'd have been all over that comment. Now, I just sit back, smirk, and keep my mouth shut. Getting old sucks. 
You must all be shills!...no one would trade in those speakers for DI's lol...j/k
Why does on line discourse nowadays have to often result in name calling ?  Stereo5 asked a good question and got two positive responses.I have been following this and other threads on Tekton speakers and some of the responses are way too negative towards participants. I use this and other forums to get information but all too often they devolve into hosing contests and the original question posed gets buried in all the manure.
I look forward to John Atkinson's measurements in the upcoming Stereophile review, as well as technical details on the speaker's design.
I have a great pair of genuine 1999 computer speakers I got cheap while in China...
I bought them, tried them and returned them. For me, and in my foom, they did not work well. 
I have not heard them in any other location so cannot comment on their performance there.
Like all things in this hobby YMMV.
Now, now everyone lets calm down and please no hateful or negative remarks.  I started this thread hoping it could remain civil..  I get it that sound is the most important thing, but if the asthetics are lousy, I couldn't live with it
Aesthetics are not great. There is nothing too offensive per say. You have seen the pics so you know what they look like. I think they are well built. I think paying extra for the high gloss paints would look better but what you see is what you get. I don’t mind the look, it’s unique. Can’t say I love it either. That said I find them to sound very very good. 
None that I can think of offhand,I went the other direction and couldn’t be happier.

I actually wish that I would have kept the Jantzen Valentina’s that I had previously to the Double Impacts.

A tekton thread civil?
Now that's the funniest thing I've heard all day.
More importantly, are they African or European?
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More importantly, are they African or European?
But African swallows are non migratory.
Are they from Assyria?
It wont be long before the novelty wears off and your brain figures out how to peek behind Tektons sonic curtain. You will then wonder if you really should have sold those 30K speakers!
Sonic curtain ayyy?? It’s all a “sonic curtain” whether you buy a 40k pair of speakers or a $100 pair of speakers. 
Yes I have heard the D.I but would I trade in my Brand new Daedalus Poseidon's   for D.I  ????? Don't think so !  cheers !
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Focals suck “especially 936s are the most suckiest”, Tektons Raawwkk!! Yeeeeehaaaawwww
I've heard the Double Impacts at shows and they do sound good to me FOR THE PRICE one has to pay.  For my taste, they sound better than many $30k or more speakers, but, why would anyone buy expensive speakers that are so incompatible with their own taste that they would be willing to make such a trade?  This hypothetical only makes sense if someone needs the money that will be available after making the trade, it does not suggest that the buyer will find the sound quality of the Double Impacts will be equivalent or superior.

So, it would be something like this for me: I inherit a pair of Magico speakers which I then trade in for cash, some of it going to the purchase of the Double Impacts (I would never buy them in the first place).
prices in hi-end home audio do not reflect quality most of the time, but reflect professional reviews of a new "improved" product so differences in performance could be practically any.

Any given speaker of any given technology can seem overwhelmingly superior, somewhat regardless of cost. The novelty of the sound often convinces the listener that the new/novel speaker has it all. Only with time does it become apparent that one has by necessity sacrificed other attributes of great sound while accepting the new/novel technology.

This is not a dismissal of Tekton, nor of those who did trade more expensive speakers. This happens all the time across the world. There is nothing new about selling a more expensive speaker for one of a different technology which costs less. Obviously a company will make much of this, but it's not unusual. Anyone who moves from a dynamic speaker which costs more to a Maggie or similar panel, or to an open baffle, even a DIY, is making the same move.

So what? Is this news? No, its advertising on the part of the company, which is to be expected. It's also enthusiasm on the part of new owners, which is also to be expected. No big deal.

Speaking of DI’s, they are probably the best value for Home Theater Sound, IMHO. For 2 channel, there are better choices out there regardless of price point. 
I never buy speakers without knowing what John Atkinson's measurements are no mater how good they may sound..
" Two swallows does not a summer make."

It takes at least 10 cases of a good red wine.
Guess I need to hear some Tektons if people think they are as good as $30K speakers but it's hard for me to believe a speaker with 20 drivers can produce a coherent sound. I'll look for them next time I'm at RMAF.
I'd love to hear a pair of Double Impact speakers.  They are a bit funky-looking to me with all of those small midrange drivers circled around the tweeter but grilles are a wonderful thing.  I heard the Double Impact monitors at Axpona and liked them a lot.  I like to see beautiful wood so I wish they were available with wood finishes.
Actually, although I am not interested in buying the DI, I will listen to them at the next audio show I attend.  I may have heard them already at the RMAF last year but I am not sure as the Tekton room was crowded when I was there.  My curiosity has gotten the better of me.
@beetlemania Agreed.  So many factors with these that would point to a lack of musical refinement, boxy enclosures with huge front baffle, complex crossover, many different drivers to match... all of that on top of being a relatively new company and the fact that they don't release a whole lot of technical specs for their speakers.

Yet they have been out for a while now and the praise keeps coming.  I really need to hear these.
I’ve heard them, but not in a proper audition. Last year in summer ’17 I went to the Raven Audio showroom in Onalaska, Tx so I could audition the Legacy Audio Calibre. I remember them sounding good, but not ditch-$30k-speakers good. They were setup with some proper electronics, music was just some audio CD Dave (of Raven) had in the CD player.  For the price they sounded good. But I still bought $6k+ bookshelf’s over those. I also heard the Legacy Audio Focus SE’s and Aeris loudspeakers. I can’t fathom how or why one would get rid of either of those for the Tekton’s.
I tried to buy a pair of Teton speakers once.  The guy is a nutcase. After literally months of him telling me the speakers would be ready 'next month' I eventually got a rude email from him in which he gave me a big moan about all the problems in his life. 

So I gave up. 
Unfortunately I’ve heard that from several members,
and I don’t blame you.

Good luck in your search,
jayctoy, yes, I was at AXPONA; too bad we couldn't chat for a while. I was on a tight schedule of meetings and demos. I thought it was a lovely show. 
I sold a pair of KEF Blade 2 last year and got the DI.  Never regretted my decision.  After several months with them I decided to upgrade to the SE version.  Got them about 10 days ago and they are breaking in quite nicely.  If you are looking for beautiful cabinets to compliment your other audio jewelry then maybe the Tektons are not for you.  Even though I don't think the Tektons are ugly, I went for the sound.  Now, sitting in my dedicated audio room and listening to music makes me happy.  Can't beat that.
Now, sitting in my dedicated audio room and listening to music makes me happy.
That folks, is what this hobby is all about.

Thanks for sharing that, olesno. That's my story as well. I just bought some SEs and look forward to having them in my room in the next couple of weeks. I liked the Double Impacts so much that I couldn't resist trying the SE version, so some lucky audiophile will soon get my DIs as a result.
I think they're a tremendous value.

Glad you are enjoying the music through your new speakers. As mofimadness said, that really is what it's all about.