Which 300B to choose ?

Question for the 300B Gurus out there as I have not been in the 300B game since the Cetron was the only game in town.

Got a pair of Canary Reference 2 yesterday - They need 16ea 300B output tubes for the pair so obviously cost is a consideration, have looked at the PSvane ($155 Pair) and the Shuguang ($110 Pair) are there any other 300B's out there that is worth taking a look at that can be bought for a reasonable price?

Thanks in advance,

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Define "reasonable" price.
I realize that reasonable is relative, but the two examples in my original post should be a guideline - up to maybe $100 per tube


Please excuse me for going off topic, but I was curious when I saw this thread. I have noticed in the past that you sell very nice pieces in good condition on a regular basis. I have always assumed that as a speaker designer/manufacturer, you are experimenting with different things to see what works best with your speakers, even though I know that your own pre/power combos are held in high regard by many. Is this the case, or is it that you just enjoy trying different things?
By the way, I have seen that Canary amp on their website, and it looks incredible with all of those 300b tubes. I would be curious too!
Hi Roxy,

I'm an Audiophile at heart I love to try out different gear, also I get asked many times everyday how do you think this amp will work with one of my speakers so It's nice to have some first hand knowledge about how things are made and work together. So to answer your question, its both.

As always, Good Listening