Which 300b amplifier for Devore O/96

I am looking to upgrade (and simultaneously downsize) from Coincident Frankenstein Mk2 300b SET monoblock amps to one of these stereo amplifiers.

These are the four candidates so far: Nagra 300p, Luxman MQ-300, Wavac EC-300B, Air Tight ATM-300R, Shindo Cortese 300b

My preamp/dac is Bricasti M12 and my speakers are Devore O/96.

I am not looking nor interested in any other 300b amps at this point.

If anyone has compared one or more of these amps (esp on an Orangutan) do chime in.

Where I live I can probably demo the Nagra and the Air Tight but nothing else.

If you find WE Nos 300B to be too expensive, then I recommend you try
Psavne Acme 300B.


I had have sweet and natural sound with Line Magnetic 508 with Acme 300B for more than 400 hours running.

My Nos WE 300B had been running more than 10K hours with no problem.

If you account for its longevity, then it is not expensive.

The problem is that it is  hard to get good and genuine Nos 300B at reasonable price.

Well I am not surprised that you liked your 300Bs better than the Class D amps. Kind of an apples to oranges comparison. Take to heart what Ralph has said about how SETs sound when pushed. I truly believe that both P.P. and SETs are intrinsically inferior on the right speakers when compared with OTLs. Also, with respect, I couldnt disagree more with shkong78 reagrding his insistence on the influence that 300B tubes have on any SET design. In my experience the driver tubes have at least as much impact, somtimes more than the power tubes themselves. Tubes usually nudge, sometimes significantly, but they do not transform.
With SETs, the quality and specs seem to make quite a bit of difference as well.  
Hello essrand,
You have generated an interesting thread which has yielded informed responses. As the varied comments here demostrate, there are simply no absolutes in regard to High End audio and personal listening objectives. Your experience with the Coincident Frankenstein vs Lyngdorf mirrors that of cal3713 in preferring the Frankenstein. Yet there’s no doubt that some other listeners would prefer the Lyngdorf.

SET vs OTL, again this will result in another split decision. How could it be otherwise? So many variables/specific scenarios/ listener taste for there to be any other outcome. Any blanket statement that one particular topology is superior to all others regardless of circumstances is patently false. I’ve owned the Coincident Frankenstein for nearly 10 years and it’s a superb 300b SET. So I appreciate and agree with comments from drdavid. However I certainly recognize it won’t be the right choice for everyone.

Essrand the list of alternative 300b SETs you are considering is a formidable one. I’m pretty certain each will sound excellent and no doubt different than your Frankenstein. But better? Maybe or maybe not. I’m glad that you’ll be able to hear the Nagra and decide for yourself. I hope you can hear and compare all of the amplifiers on your list. They are all held in high esteem. I don’t see a bad choice no matter what you ultimately decide.

Essrand I bought the Takatsuki 300bs direct from Japan about 6 years ago and they are fabulous in the Frankenstein. For my needs/taste I prefer the EML XLS. I know that others will disagree but that’s okay. Just personal choice.
Best of luck,


If you have access to one then I highly recommend you try the Overture out, I am sure you will not regret it.

I am running mine with a GE-1 and refurbished TD-124/SPU combo along with a Swissonor step-up. All in all in a happy place.

If you are dead-set on 300b, don't forget the Tron Atlantic or for that matter the Allnic T-1500.