Which 211 tubes for my Wyetech Topaz

Guys just picked up a 211a topaz and was wondering which tubes to get- I read on Arthur Salvatores sight that he liked the GE NOS 211 from the '40's- Just want different opinions and also what upgrades(caps etc) I should do- thanks
I just ordered a quad of these.


Hope to put them in next week.
Which NOS or OS can you get? Which current production is currently available?
The standard Shuguang 211s are pretty linear with very good bass but overall dry and not very involving. The premium Shuguangs and Psvane 211-Ts are slightly more refined but IMHO are not worth the premium price. NOS GEs are more lush, harmonically saturated and relaxed but the bass is not very well controlled.
I really love old Shuguang 211B. This was a limited run and unfortunately they are not made any more. They sound dynamic and extended, have very good bass control and are almost as tonally full as the NOS GEs.
I have tried vintage RCA's and GE's. The RCA's are certainly better than the GE's but at $1600 a matched pair was too much for me. It is common to find really good GE's for $400-500. GE's are a time proven and very good tube.
I had heard that the RCA was superior in may ways but may not even be available at any price. Sounds like the GE is the OS tube to look for. I haven't heard much about current production, glad to see someone was familiar with them.
How about the Elroy tube. Also are the r a that much better than the GE tubes. Thks
I've used the GE and Shuguang tubes in my Topaz.

Shuguang are good value for the money the GEs are richer sounding to me. I have not had the opportunity to listen to RCAs as I have never found a good pair at a decent price.

Elrog's sound interesting but too many comments on reliability....who makes them available in North America?