Which 16:9, 46" RPT--Toshiba v. Sony

Due to space (and wife) constraints, I need to get a 46" RPT. I'm having a hard time deciding between the new Toshiba 46in. Cinema Series that comes out next month ($2000) or the Sony KP-46WT500 available now for $1600. Apparentely the Toshiba will have upgrade any signal to 1080i. The Sony probably doesn't have as many bells and whistles. Does anyone have either of these??
Also, any other models in that price range I should look at. Thanks in advance
honestly, i'd avoid both - pioneer (especially the pioneer elite line) makes the best rptv's on the market. period.
Lazarus28 is right Pioneer Elite Rear Proj. are the best, period! If you don't have a budget of 3000 clams & can't fit a 50" floor model Pioneer? I would look at Mitsubishi 46" table top it IMO has a better picture than any Toshiba & Sony Models. Good Luck, as I know you can go batty comparing!
I have to agree with both of the other respondents. Pioneer Elite is the Premier Rear Projection TV (RPT) manufacturer, and Mitsubishi is the next best. (I have the Mitsubishi 46" Table Top myself, as it was about 1/3 less than the Pioneer Elite). The regular pioneer line is almost as good as the Mitsubishi.
Note, that the 46" Mitsubishi is discontinued, although they now have both a 42" table top, and a free standing 48" RPT.

Good Luck!
The toshiba gets my vote, just picked up the 57 incher and it's killer, second choice would be the hitachi and forget the mitsubushi and sony! Just my .02 worth!
Happy tv buying!
Not to change the subject, but any opinion on best 50" plasma?
To me, the Mitsubishi has a big problem with RED PUSH. I bought a Toshiba but if you can afford it, get a Pioneer!!!
As you can see opinions on TV`s differ, just like on every piece of equipment, whether its speakers or CD player.It`s just like with cars , there are BMW croud and Audi people and every group will try to convince you that their cars are the best and they all will be right , it`s hard to argue , because both makes are great. It`s just a matter of personal taste( I, myself, is an audi fan, LOL). And everyone has a point, the best way is to go to the dealers and take a look for yourself. Of course Pioneer elite series are great, but they cost a lot more than you are willing to spend.I`d go with Sony , great picture, high def, and it`s only $1600.00.Just my few words.Good luck choosing YOUR TV.
My advice is to do your research on everything out there, go with the company that has the best after sale service. Make sure their is more than one service center in your area should you need it for that brand, they do not fix these big TVs in your living room, they take with-$$$ and may have it for some time. Go to avsforum.com and read about any and all problems, lots of info. on this site. Good luck.
I would never buy another Sony. For one thing, their service is horrible. And just try and find a local person to work on a Sony is near impossible. My 46" is only 7 years old and just died about 1 month ago. I am going to be in the market for a new RPTV very soon. Right now I am having to suffer with my FPTV on a 100" screen for everyday viewing. When I make my purchase I will not even condider a Sony.
I have to second Scottht's opinion. Sonys have exceptional pictures. There may be none better. But, if you have problems, as I had with the sound, you're screwed. I was fortunate to have a Sony technician available in LA. But after three service calls and two new audio boards the problem still exists. I've had two other Sony TV's conk out after less than four years...one with a tube problem and another with a sound issue. I'll think long and hard before purchasing another Sony TV.