Which 110 ohm digital?

Looking for recommendations for the best sounding 110 ohm digital cable.
Any Tara you can afford.
You're going to get answers all over the board on this one. There are those who believe that all digital cables "sound" the same and that there is no "scientific" reason to believe otherwise.
From personal experience with probably a dozen different balanced digital cables I've come to the conclusion that they do have distinctive sonic characteristics.
IMO: You would be better served by rephrasing your question to something like; I have the following transport and DAC, what are some suggestions for balanced digital cables that I could audition?
Your question as stated implies a certain absolute and I have learned that there are no absolutes in this sport 8^).

In my system, I auditioned a Transparent RAES and a Tara Labs O.8. I preferred the 0.8.
I am looking for a 110 ohm digital cable to run from my Sooloos music server to a Berkely Audio Alpha Dac.
A cable that sounds very good and doesn't break the bank is the DH Labs custom D-110 made by Moon Audio. I've compared it to the Kimber Illuminations Orchid and it it very hard to tell the cables apart. (connected between a Wadia 20 and MSB Platinum Plus) There are various reports stating that there is an ideal length for digital cables. Kimber states that a 1.5m Orchid is the best sounding length. I compared 1m cables, you may want to consider a 1.5m D-110. You'll still be under a $100 with shipping.
Zieman, of course, is not disclosing he sells Tara.

If you want to break the bank. PAD Dominus, Synergistic Designers Ref., Siltech Golden Ridge.