Which 1080p plasma?

Any one got to see the new Panasonic TH58PZ700U at a show or something? I am thinking either this or the Pioneer Elite profhd1. Which one has better picture...
Try this site for some good, in depth reviews:


Also an added bonus: when they do a review they give you the settings to standardize your picture (color, hue, etc.). The results are far better than the default settings the sets come with.

Check the price of the panasonic 58inch 1920 x 1080 plasma at sixth ave electronics (rt 4 paramus NJ). Call or visit. I believe you can haggle and get it for well less than $4000. It is a very nice set for the price.
The Ultimate AV Mag flat panel summary may provide some insight. They have the Pioneer Elite alone in the Ultimate Choice category. All listings have links to their extensive reviews.
I have a Pioneer HD1130 50" 1080i

Pioneer is coming out with a few new 1080ps soon
a 60" for $6000

I've seen the Panasonic 58" and it is spectacular
no artifacts like I see on my Pioneer
would like to compare black levels with the Pioneers coming out
The gap between Panny & Pioneer 1920 x 1080 plasma has closed to the point that Pioneer is going to have a tough time justifying its price to the marketplace. Prior to 1080p plasma the Elite was always a clear step up. It still is, but not by much.