I was all set to go with the Cardas Golden Reference ICs, but then, through some posts, readings, and general knowledge of cable construction, I am wondering, if going with the Golden Cross is a better way to go? This is for my Audio Aero Prima CDP to YBA Passion Integre. Some posts have indicated that the Cross is more musical. Isn't that what we all want? At least I do. Then, I hear the Reference is more neutral. My head is reeling with all these IC adjective lingo. If you could, please, stick to Cardas, I'd appreciate it. Also: first hand experiences most appreciated. I want to keep this thread on my Cardas "high class" problem. Thanks, always, in advance.
P.S. If you could turn me on to where/who to buy these babies?
Why don't you just borrow both to audition from the Cable Company? Contact them at www.fatwyre.com and they'll send them out to you for audition for a 5%-10% deposit you can apply to any purchase...
The Golden Cross will add a little more low end warmth and bass than the GR, so it really depends on your system and your tastes. Someone with a brighter system would probably prefer the GC and find it to be more musical. Is your system very balanced sounding now? Is it bright? Is it too warm? And whichever it is, do you like it that way?? If you want it warmer in general, go with the GC. Either way, I would highly recommend buying used and saving yourself a lot of money. Better yet...buy a pair of each (used), listen to them, decide which suits you, and then sell the other pair for close to what you paid.
Phild hit it right on the nail. Buy both the Golden Reference and Golden Cross and compare the two. The Neutral Reference is also supposed to do some interesting stuff.
Have tried and owned all three of Golden Reference, Golden Cross and Neutral Reference. If your system leans to the warm side, you might consider the Neutral Reference. If to the cool thin side, maybe the Golen Cross. But if you just want the best cable, period, Golden Reference--it's not even close.
From my recent conversion to the Golden Reference, I can strongly suggest the GR's over the Nuetral ref's. I did an A/B in home comparision and thought the NR's were very accurate and precise, the GR's were all that and added a much better sound staging. I have noticed the sound dimension within the room to be more ambient and the detailing is phenominal. Especially on vinyl, remeber that when you get the GR's give them about two to three weeks to break in. I have broke in many sets of cables and have never
encountered more evidence of break in on any other cable. These are actually magical when they come to life. Well worth the investment, and I found mine all on AudioGon in the 500-525 per meter price range for new.
I appreciate the feedback guys. It looks like the Golden Reference....thanks,
I agree with Theo. I've never had a cable that took more time to break in than GR. I've had it since late summer and it's still showing new layers.
Warren,I am using Golden Cross from my Prima 24/192 to
my Accuphase pre.It is a beautiful match .I am waiting
paitiently for the arrival of Golden Reference balanced
for the pre to Sim W-5.All previous cabling was Golden
Hexlink.The GC warms up the W-5 and so I hope the GR cleans
up where the Golden Hexlink left off.