Whic speaker sensitivity is better for an SET amp?

I'm considering an SET amp & Tyler Acoustic speaker combo. The amp will be in the 8-20wpc range. I'll probably spend about $1,500 on the SET amp. I'm consider Tyler Acoustic PD10's or PD20's with an SET amp. The PD10's are 97db 8 ohm speakers & the PD20's are 101db 4 ohm speakers. Without naming a specific SET amp, which speaker do you think would be a better match for an SET amp?
unless the amp has a specific 4 ohm tap, forget it. the db rating is much less a factor than a flat impedance curve. higher impedances are better for tube amps unless they are specificly designed for 4 or 6 ohm speakers. 8 or higher is best with set amps.
Another consideration is impedance curve. Also, you don't want a high-crossover slope to suck up too many WPC of your SET.
If the pd10's 8ohm impedance curve is fairly flat, it will most likely be your best bet. 8w with 97db sensitivity will play as loud as most would want, depending on your room and setup. .....and unless you are a now deaf head-banger! :-)
Ty is a good guy to deal with too.
Good luck.

You are absolutely fine with either speaker as long the impedence doesn't swing or dip wildly as Mahandave mentioned. Obviously, the higher the sensitivity the better for dynamics and extra headroom with an amp, but I have two sets of 97dB speakers(one using almost the same Emminece 12" woofer as the Tylers) and have driven them with amps from 6 watts per channel up to 50 watts. The 6 wpc Art Audio PX-25 SET does a kickass job of driving my Cain & Cain I-Bens without ever seeming to run out gas.

I tend to believe(and many others) that an amp's power supply is a bigger factor than the output tube's max power potential. If the PS sags under load then it doesn't matter if the tube is capable of 50+ watts.
Ask the speaker manufacturer. He would know his speakers requirements best.
I have a similar problem and are looking at a similar solution. The PD range caught my eye too. They are so new, very little feedback yet. I spoke to one guy who had the PD80's, but was selling them as they were too large. He had enjoyed them, but found them lively and a tad bright. I agree with other posts, a steady impedence across the frtequency range is what a SET needs and output transformers are critical. The very good cheap chinese tube amps seem to skimp a bit on transformers, thay are very expensive to produce. I use an 22 watt 845 SET.
Tyler of course, will take the speaker back if you don't like it. You can't say fairer than that. A couple of other small US makers I am considering, are Reimer and Daedalus, both make SET friendly speakers which are thought highly of, you may want to check out there web sites. If you do go for tyler, please report back your impressions, I am sure many of us would be interested.