Whic CD player would you pick and why

I am looking to add a better CD player to my system. My current system consists of Mcintosh Amps the 402 and the 502. The pre-amp is the Anthem Statement 2 The cd player is the Moon Equinox.The speakers are the Martin Logan Vantages. The CD players that I am looking at are the:
Ayre CX 7e
Mcintosh Mcd 500
Linn unidisk SC
Esoteric Sa60
Cary 306
I am a Jazz listener and enjoy feamle vocals. PLease share you insights of the pro's or cons of any of these players. I am willing to spend 6,500. on the player.
Thanks for the insghts
None, I would rip all of my music to WAV or AppleLossless files and buy a good DAC coming from a Duet/AppleTV/MacMini/Transporter.
It might be worth including the Acoustic Research CD7?
40 views and no insights yet. Have I posted the question wrong. I would love some educated insights please
Linn has a new cd player that uses an external hard drive have you heard anything on this?
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I think the Anthem is the weak link.
i agree with the riping to dac, but if you don't want to go that route and i do rip ,dac, but want the cd player, jazz is what i love, female vocals , i have owned the cary player and loved it...dwhitt
Lysaker, I second Macdadtexas' idea. I believe the future of digital is not on external media. For $6500, I would buy a dedicated PC with extra drive, rip all my CDs (and/or pay someone to do it), and then buy a great DAC with an extremely well-implemented output stage (note: DAC and O/P stage don't necessarily have to be the same box if you are willing to be creative). I have not heard enough PC-->DAC implementations to even claim much knowledge, so cannot say whether they are up to snuff. However, at this point, the bet I would personally make is that the juice is in the DAC and the jitter-reduction/elimination from transport to DAC, not in the mechanics of the transport itself. Personally, I am intrigued by the Buffalo DAC and by the DDDAC. I am also interested in the cMP (search for cics music player on Audioasylum PC Audio forum) though I have not delved deeply enough into that to know whether it is flexible enough for my goals. Part of the whole thing for me would be a good UI and I don't know much about the cMP UI. I have an inkling I would like to use a small touchscreen anyway, and keep the PC box out of site. In any of those cases, I might try to put in a bigger/better/more$$$ output stage though.
(pick)i'd keep the moon...(reason)its still valid as a hi end player.
Pbrennan, I think you mean Audio Research CD-7.
I have an SA 60 and ended up moving up to a reimyo 999ex DAC and 777cdt. Blows everything I have heard away. A consideration would be a reimyo cdp 777 which are available on agon used. betters everything on your list.
If the Anthem is the weeek link what is your thoughts on replacement?
Have you heard any thing about the Linn Dac system?
Thanks I could not find the other listed above
To all,
If Ripping is the answer which Dac is the next question? Thanks to those who have already offered insight.
Might suggest for synergy sake,going with the Mac pre and CD player.An audition couldn;t hurt.
Unidisk SC would be an interesting choice, as it would replace both the CD player and Anthem prepro. You can simplify the system quite a bit. Plus it provides excellent SACD and DVD Audio performance in multi channel, which you may or may not be interested in. The downside is the redbook CD performance, as Unidisk SC is just a-ok in terms of CD performance. If you look at the CD performance only it would be at best a sideway move.

Next option I would consider is to get an outboard DAC with volume control. Benchmark DAC1 or Bel Canto DAC3 will provide pretty much the state of the art redbook performance. You can keep using Simaudio as a transport, but will be replacing Anthem instead. I think that will yield better outcome than replacing the CD player alone. Also you'll be ready for PC based transport later on if you are inclined to rip all your CDs.
Well your speakers have great sound staging and great resolution. I would want to make sure your cd player has great imaging, both width and depth or front to back layering because that can really make magic. Not sure your price range but take a look at Audio Aero. The Capitol does that really well and there have been some on agon. The older models have analogue inputs and volume control and were more expensive. The newer ones do not and are not as expensive so just don't pay to much for an older model.
Keep in mind sounds real sells Audio Aero.

Without disclosing it here.

So his recommendation is marginalized.
you rock
What do you find lacking in your Moon?
The moon was and is amazing but it was stolen. I listed it to give a solid vision of what i use(d)
If you decide to rip your music to your PC you should consider the Modwright Transporter. It has ended my search for a better CD player or DAC. The CD players and DAC's I have owned are, Wadia 20 transport and 27ix DAC, Wadia 861SE, Rega Saturn, PS Audio DLIII (with my iMac as the source) and the Proceed PDT3 and PDP3.

In my opinion, in my system, the Modwright is better than all of those players/DAC's. I have ripped over 18,000 songs using Apple Lossless to my iMac and the Transporter's convenience and sound quality have been a revelation to me. It even gives my vinyl rig a run for the money. YMMV
For 4-5k you can pickup an esoteric x03se on the gon and with a good pwr cord great soundstage and dynamics -remember sound stage is part of the system you have cables -speakers amps pre amps can all affect soundstaging as well as you room and speaker placement ---the x03se is a great player for the money
Lysaker, I have no info or opinion on the Linn. There are so many DACs out there (and so many flavors that people like) that I would recommend spending a bit of time digging around in the archives here and over at Audioasylum.
For the budget you describe I suggest you consider a higher end Esoteric unit that you can buy on A'gon for less than your budget, with full warranty(often seen)& far superior build quality and service life, from a company that takes inordinate pride in allowing customers to maintain & upgrade their units, and that will play virtually all formats other than Blu Ray.
The warrenty is a concern. Esoteric only has a two warranty extending one additional year once registered. Most folks don't sell new and to transfer thewarranty costs an additional $100.
Thanks for the insights,
Lysaker, sorry took so long to respond, been at CES/THEShow. I have not heard the Linn, but I had a Unidisc a few years back, and it was a great piece of equipment, I really loved it. That said, when I bought a modded Denon 5910 I thought it was better in every way, especially as a straight DVD player.

That said, I sold the Denon and ripped all of my CD's to a hard drive and bought an Oppo for the rare occasion I listen to an SACD. Though since I finally started spinning vinyl, I stopped listening to almost any other media.
the sc is a great uni too, but its also a dac and a pre, so there u go. for bout 1500 sold .that leaves 5 biguns to pc audio. done.
Lysaker, You seem to like your Mac amps... MX106?
I have not tried the 106. Do you have any insights on the B&K ref 70 as a pre-prpo apposed to the anthem d2
Thank you all for your insights. I making the move to the Linn Akurate DS. I did an A/B test with it and the Wadia 581ise I felt that the Linn smoked it in detail and depth. the staging was not effected by either. being able to pull specific instruments out of the music tracks was amazing. That being said the DS also allows for you to become total engaged in the total music score.
I don't believe my suggestion to "take a look at the Audio Aero Capitol" is marginalized by the fact that I carry the line. I never suggested he call me and buy one from me and until Audiopil mentioned it I am not sure anyone would have known that I am a dealer, so I didn't expect my phone to be ringing off the hook.

Now that you all know I am a dealer, you should know that I have listened to number of CD players at the RMAF and CES so my opinion is based on experience.

In any event I suggest you audition one if you can, Not from me but from your local dealer.
sounds real audio,
I thank you for your insight. Getting an unbiased opinion is tough. Don't be so hard on the other chap. Thanks for the insight.