Whest TWO phono stage power on spike

I finally assemble my first analog system consist of a VPI Classic 1 table, AT-OC9/MLII (start out cartridge), and Whest TWO phono stage. I have to say the setup is not as complicated as I thought it would be and I am very satisfied with the sound quality from the combination. I did add the soundsmith counter intuitive device to the tonearm to help with the fine tuning.

I need input from Whest owners as I am experiencing an annoying issue with the Whest TWO. Whenever the phono stage is power on (plug in), there seems to be a power spike which causes the speakers to pop. Is this normal with Whest? Since there is no on/off switch, is the phono stage meant to be left on all the time or should we unplug the power when it is not in use? Leaving it on all the time would eliminate the power spike issue since it only happen when the unit is first plug in. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Are you powering up in the correct sequence?
Given that a phono stage is high gain, to avoid speaker-destroying-spikes the sequence should be :
Phono Stage > Pre-amp/Line Stage > Power Amplifier > and/or Active Speakers.

Similarly when powering down you should reverse the sequence.

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...Also, since amplifier power supplies can contain a lot of reservoir capacitance it might also be helpful to incorporate modest delay between each stage of power-down to allow a degree of discharge to occur? Additionally, pre-shutdown, it may be helpful to mute the power amp and change the input selection on the pre-amp to diminish the effects of the phono stage shutdown?

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Thanks Moonglum for the response. I just left the phono stage on 24/7 now. If I have to shut it down than I will turn it on first before the preamp and amp.
Hi Coolsound, you are most welcome. You have a very fine turntable (wait til you hear it with a Lyra Delos :) ).

The reason I mentioned active amps is that I also have a pair of active hybrid electrostatics so that gives me an extra stage of amplification to switch off :)

With the festive holidays coming up it gives you an ideal chance to enjoy the turntable...

BTW as a fellow Whest user (0.3R) I fully approve your choice ;)
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