Whest TWO Phono Opinions

I have a Whest TWO that I am auditioning with a trial period and was curious if there were any thoughts about this unit. Compared to my entry level Vincent it is a vast improvement. Deeper tighter base, open soundstage and tonally accurate. Sounds a little lean on some recordings-maybe am too critical? I ask about thoughts since I am on my way to a really nice vinyl setup (VPI, Micro Benz) and this is a mid-step purchase. I have my eye on the Fosgate but didnt want to lay out all the funds since I will be getting a Specton Amp. The rest of my setup: Rega Planar 2, Ortofon Blue 2M, Cary SLP03, B&W 802D powered by a Cary Cinema amp.
I decided to keep the Whest. When I switched over to Morrow cables (SP2) the sound smoothed out and the soundstage broadened.
I kept my whestTWO after swapping cables over to Kimber in my sons system. A cable change is a must but the freebie is a good one.