Whest Titan phonostage

Anyone using this phono? What was your prior phono and why did you switch? Thanks in advance for your replies.
Yes I have had one through my system. Mind boggling dynamics and transparency. It does run hot so make sure there is space on top for good ventilation.

Had to spend a lot more to get something better. Now using a top of the range Whest.
Thanks for the reply Cyclopse. May I ask what the rest of your gear looks like? Source/speakers? I just want to get a bearing as to what type of sound presentation you prefer. I run a Naim 500 series/LP12/Kudos Titan speakers.
Sorry just found there "system" link! You have a nice set-up. What is your music preference?
Everything really. A bit of classical, jazz, female vocals, pop through to dub.

I think it will compliment Naim very well, its fast and very transparent.
Looks like not many Whest phono stage users here?
Surprising as the company has a long history of producing excellent vfm components.
Anybody else with a Whest experience?
Thanks to all,
Thanks for your insight Cyclopse!
Hi Varyat
You'll be pleased to hear Whest owners in A'Gon do exist (PS0.3R in my case) but sadly I've not heard the Titan.

They are very well designed SS phono stages IMO.
All the best....
Thanks Moonglum! May I ask what type of gear you are using with the PS3.0R ? What did you use previously? Thanks.
I cannot supply any insight into Whest products, except to say that I find their website to be very opaque as regards their design philosophy. But I do wonder whether any Whest user has also auditioned one of the later Klyne phono stages or full function preamps with phono. I'd be interested in a comparison.
Hi Varyat,
The primary source is a Raven One/Graham Phantom II/Lyra Delos with Ringmat GS, custom made short phono ICs (courtesy of Audio Origami)feeding Whest (+ custom IC) and Simaudio I-7 amplification rounded off with reasonably short speaker cables and Martin Logan Vantage hybrid electrostats. It doesn't really matter how far apart the speakers are placed, you'll end up with room-width sound right into the corners (including the top corners) of the room. ;)

Previously the T/T was Linn LP12/Ittok LVII/Asaka followed by a Music Maker mmIII. The LVII was briefly transferred to the Raven using a unique one-off Linn armboard - the first LVII Raven armboard in the World - and I've still got it - boomerang shaped and machined from 2cm thick solid aluminium.
It's free from the stainless steel inserts that the normal Raven armboards use and is much simpler to assemble as a result.

I'm off to a party now but I wish everyone a fantastic New Year celebration. :D
Take care and all the best...