Whest Audio ps.20 phono stage w/.20 power supply

Have you heard this phono pre and if so what do you think?
This phono stage is AWESOME. I was using an EAR 835p, and the Whest blows it away. Incredible, airy soundstage, great highs and lows, just unbelievable, and this is right out of the box.
Great to hear! I actually own the Whest phono amp as well - just haven't heard it yet. :o It was part of my new analog rig and the dealer is actually tweaking my table/cartridge/amp as we speak. However, I can only give my opinion on what I hear at his place, as my system is now "moth balled" in boxes awaiting the next move... our home sold and we are awaiting the completion of the construction on our new home. I had spoken with many people about a solid performing phono amp in this price range and I kept getting steered in the direction of the Whest. Please keep us posted on sonic changes during/after break-in! Thanks in advance.
I heard them at the UK high end show with a high end SME 20, Mcintosh rig and was very impressed indeed. Detailed, musical, but without the usual solid state grain. If I was in the market for a new phonostage, thats where I would be going. The dealer demoing it, who I have a lot of time for, said he preferred it to the top of the range Clearaudio, he sells at twice the price.
Hi - you should read my review in Audiogon
I have only just installed the Whest P20 into my system and it continues to improve as the days pass,used with my pink triangle anniversary turntable ,wilson benesch act two arm and lyra clavis evolve 99 cartridge it makes for stunning music and is great value.

I also use the Whest dap 10 on my digital source, Meridian G08 and it has enhanced my system.

Someone used the term Awsome to describe the phono stage,I suggest you use any superlative of your own choice.

Awsome indeed.