Whest 3.0RDT vs Trichord Diablo +NCPS

Hi, I have the chance of buying a Whest Audio 3.0RDT (not SE) at more or less same price as a Trichord Diablo w NCPS.
What would you suggest ?
How would you describe the differences between the two models, if any ?
Which one would be a better match, in your opinion, with my cart, a Lyra Delos ?

I own a Project RPM9.1x (9cc tonearm) + Lyra Delos + Electrocompaniet ECP-1
the rest: ARC LS7 + ARC 100.2 + B&W 804s

thanks, ciao
Definitely the whest and if you dont buy the whest let me know where and ill buy it.
I can't find information on the gain settings of the Whest, but 63 dB on the Trichord's lowest MC setting is way too much for the Delos, in my experience. You don't need more than 56-58 dB for it to sing. 63 dB is overkill. Others might disagree, but from my personal experience, gain matching at the phono preamp stage is absolutely critical.

The gain is something I was wondering about, indeed.

@Brantp1981: my choice will take a long time as all my choices (indecision in my second name ;-) ), even because I'm lookin at several other phono stages as well: Nova Phonomena, North Star Phonostage -this is an italian very fine and with a very high VFM piece, don't know if it is well known in the USA- and... yes, a Threshold FET/10Pe and a Klyne 6. besides the phono stage of a Classé DR-6 if I decide to change my stage line (ARC LS7) as well.

confused, ain't it ? ;-)

thanks again, ciao
i use whest PRD30se about two year,it's really good phono,(here is the gain you can choose,100k,220k,470k,1Ko,15k,47k)compare to my periously phono, Ayre,sutherland and Pass,but it's not fair,because the price range is different,and i will say Ayre,suthland PHD and Pass XP15 both are good phono in their price range really,and i never heard Trichord,

Those are resistive load values, not gain, sometimes referred to as input impedance. Gain values are usually given in dB (decibel), or in mV (millivolts) as sensitivity.
What about the Pass Ono ? It's a new contender.