Wheres the best place to find a Scott 299C?

Looking for reliable sources for this classic integrated. Any ideas? thanks in advance, Mark
There is a nice website for Scott at www.hhscott.com/Default.htm if you are not already familiar with it. Loads of info and a forum. I have not been on the forum for awhile but found it very helpful in locating stuff last year. Hope this helps.
I recently restored an old st35, it has great iron from the time David Hefler was at Scott. Use it is a small room. Reminds me of how basic good sounding stuff is despite all the endless big-money hype in this hobby-industry.
Let us know if you have good luck.
There is a guy in RI who always seems to have vintage tube amps (including a Scott 299c) on e-bay. Email is (I think)
soundbug@aol.com. I have spoken to him over the phone and he seems like a nice guy and is very knowledgeable. Good luck.
Mark - there is a "type 299" Scott integrated for sale at the Canuck Audio Mart (www.canuckaudiomart.com)for about $175 US ($275 Cdn) but there is no mention of a type "C" designation. As I am unfamiliar with Scott gear I'm not sure if this is the exact model you are looking for...
There is a guy who does vintage equipment on ebay and current equipment on Audiogon as mesh50.