Wherefore Art Thou Vinyl Traders?

I have a fair number of records I
would like to sell and am usually
looking for a copy of this or a
copy of that. Can anyone
recommend to me a website where
records are bought/sold/traded
other than a megasite like ebay?
Your insights are greatly
appreciated. Lance
I'm ALWAYS looking for vinyl, mostly rock. Do you have a list you could email?
I am looking for some vynil. Classical, jaz, and pop, in that order. If you have a list please e mail it to me.
Send me a list also! Thanks!
Send me a list of jazz and pop
Send me a list of any Jazz or Blues you have for trade.

Also, you probably already visit there, but I just looked, and 103,558 Records are for sale on EBAY tonight.
Please e-mail me your list also.
If you buy on eBay check the sellers feedback mainly to confirm the sellers respresentations on the condition of the LPs.
I also would be interested in receiving your list via email.
Please add me to the e-mail list. Also. indicate what you are looking for.
Lubachl, send me a list e-mail. Thanks.