Where would you put better power cable?

I am wondering if my better power cable should be on my dac or transport. Both cables are nice but I am looking for advice. Currently I have my pricier cable on my dac being a thicker gauge with better connectors. I am using a 6sons audio Vision Quest on my transport and an Audio Art Statement 1 on my dac. Both cables are nice but the Audio Art cable may be superior. It's hard to tell. My best cables are on my Hydra's from the wall. At least the cables to my Hydra would be the priciest cables. I have Audio Art Statement 1 cables to my amp, preamp and headphone amp and dac with good results. I have a Tekline cable to my tuner which sounds nice. The Tekline cable is quite nice but I'm using the Statement 1's for a change. Advice would be appreciated. Better cable on dac or transport?
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If it doesn't make any difference and there's still return/refund policy, than you know what to do.
For me I put the best power cable I have on my source which is a CDP. Also if you have a lot of components plugged into a power conditioner without a captive cord I'd put the best power cord you have on that conditioner.
While most cabling rules are often not true, they are even less true when it comes to power cords...
I reaped significantly better result using best pc to transport on my transport/dac combo when playing with same cable brand~three levels apart. But that doesn't mean a thing, as pointed out, each system and preference are unique into its own, you will have to make that call on yours.
I vote for the DAC and it should be shielded.
Although there are general rules of thumb and guidelines remember the following:
All of our audio rigs are individual and system dependent. What works well for one audiophile will not necessarily work in your system and/or in a different geographic location.
Personally, I've been surprised by trying different power cords on different equipment and evaluating the sound. What I thought would be a for sure thing actually sounded better on a different piece of equipment.
Moral of the story, if auditions are free try it, and it doesn't hurt to experiment :-)
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I find that DAC makes a larger difference in my system than transport. My transport has a Shunyata Diamondback and my DAC has a Shunyata Copperhead.
Currently I have my pricier cable on my dac being a thicker gauge with better connectors.
I doubt that gauge and connector quality would be responsible for any differences that may be perceived between power cords used with a transport and a DAC, assuming (as appears to be the case here) that both cords are of reasonable quality in those respects.

Shielding and noise rejection figure to be the characteristics most likely to make a difference in this kind of application. However, which of the two components would be more critical in those respects is dependent on the specific characteristics of the noise on the incoming AC, on the sensitivity of each of the two components to that noise, on the characteristics of the noise each of the components may feed back into its power cord, on the sensitivity of the other components in the system to that noise, on the susceptibility of the two components to ground loop issues, on the proximity of each power cord to other cables and power cords, etc. In other words it's all essentially unpredictable, IMO, as several of the others have indicated.

Also, I would by no means make a general assumption that higher price correlates with better shielding and better noise rejection, or with any other characteristic that may make a difference. Although based on their descriptions it appears to me that the higher priced of your two particular cords probably does happen to provide superior shielding and noise rejection.

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Al, Your second paragraph is particularly and succinctly well put into a liking as audio poetry and fully spelled out.
The only downside is that it ended the need for any further cable matching questions on this site. Thank God:)
Thanks, Iso. Poetry, and related to that alliteration, have never particularly been my bag. I do, however, generally try to avoid being a nihilistic nabob of negativity. :-)

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Al, Your natural nature negates negativity:)
Upgrade every cable ASAP!!