Where would I ask this q?


I don't want to spam the wrong NG or place an ad in the wrong place.

Where would I list a massive (8k+) CD collection for sale?


There is a "Music For Sale" section right here at the gon. If you go to the homepage and look to the left and scroll down, you'll see it.

I'll certainly be looking at what you have to offer.
Click the word "SELL" above, at the top of this page.
In the classified section,music used to be free to list ,may still be.
i recommend going discogs that has very efficient way of listing your catalog and selling it.

it nowdays hits the most of music shoppers throughout the world.

the listing is piece of cake. just dial the release ID and your CD pops up with picture or information. Taking pictures is optional as oppose to ebay and that makes it very efficient. It also gives you an idea about the retail value and sales history if applies. IN case if release not existing you simply create one with or without picture(upto you). Describe condition this and that and you're all set.

i think it will take you a-little over a couple of weeks to list them most -- that's how fast you can get thru.

setup shipping policies, be nice to buyers, ship on time and you'll be a happy happy camper.

P.S. You can also drop a note to me or similar media retailers (check Iriedog at discogs), but you would probably get substantially smaller cut out of your stack you want to sell.
Good luck selling that!!