Where Would Doo-Wight Be Without Pete?

Anybody else out there into Dwight Yoakam's right hand man, Mr. Pete Anderson? Dwight writes some great tunes, but Anderson's ever tasty guitar and crisp production are as equally important to their success. Anderson has plenty of chops, but he has the self-restraint to not overplay. As Telecaster twangers go, Pete's up there with the best.
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I have a couple of DY CDs and I do enjoy them. As far as country music goes, DY is one of the best IMHO. For me, if I'm going to listen to country, I want some twang!

Can you give me some examples of the stuff you find particularly tasty?


Daredevil on Little Dog records.

That would be his new one.
I heard of it because of a write up he got in one of the guitar mags I subscribe to.The write up was a flat out rave.His cd went to the top of my want list.

After reading about that dreadfull Porky Tree band it's nice to see someone has good taste in music.
I particularly like Anderson's playing on "Little Sister", "Please, Please, Baby" and "If There Was A Way". There are a lot of others, but these are my favorites. I have his first two solo albums ("Working Class" & "All Dogs Go to Heaven") and I'll put "Daredevil" on my to buy list. His version of "Our Day Will Come" is unbelievable...it's Gattonesque!

Pete Anderson is also a producer of some note. He's worked with Michelle Shocked, Blue Rodeo and the Meat Puppets. The recent Dwight albums are LOUD, but "Buenas Noches" is a super sounding recording.