Where were you the day the music died?-Buddy Holly

Gonners over 60 years of age.

I remember what I was doing when I heard JFK was shot.

Not to put my musical question on the same level, but can you remember what you were doing when Buddy Holly was reported as having died?

I was looking at a Rek O Kut 12 inch recording lathe in the front window of Joe Franecki's appliance store at 13'th street in Milwaukee. I needed it so I could cut records of the weddings I recorded for $25 on a Saturday morning. {I was in High school and needed to feed my audio hobby.} I thought it was just another accident.

Tonight I'm listening to Don McLean-American Pie.-- Memories last.

Thanks for your posting, Ken

I still listen to Buddy's songs and sign along knowing all the words. That is some toe-tapping, joy of life music!
I am 57 and had older brothers who exposed me to his art.
Albertporter, better than be spotted last weekend while perpetrating an armed robbery of sports memorabilia..."what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"...for a 10-20 prison stretch!
You guys are right, what happens in Vegas DOSEN'T say in Vegas.

CES will be in Las Vegas in January, I'll wager much of what happens there will be posted all over the internet :^).