Where was the Sonus Gold Blue Stylus made, USA?

I just recently aquired a Sonus Gold Blue cartridge NOS. I wanted to know if the original stylus in this cartridge was actually made in the USA like the ADC cartridges? Anybody know. I currently have a "freindly" dispute with a freind about this, he says that they were made in Japan, I said that they were made in the USA. I figure Mr. Pritchard would have done so. Thanks, Gerald.
May not matter much. The cantilevers on these things tend to collapse rather quickly. I've tried three because they sound so nice while they last. No more. though.
Dear G: It seems to me that was made in USA. I can read in the Sonus Dimension 5 ( a great great cartridge. ) manual: " Be certain that the replacement stylus bears the SONUS name and logo and is a genuine SONUS replacement made in USA by Sonic Research, Inc. ".

Certainly is dificult to be totally sure about because in those times ( like today ) there were only 3-4 stylus/cantilever sources all over the world.

I own the Blue along the D5 and is a very nice performer.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Hi Raul,

Would you happen to have a pic handy of the needle on your Dimension 5?

Dear Dieseldude: Unfortunatelly my camera is " down ". Do you own the Dimension 5?

Regards and enjoy the music,