Where to start??

One-by-one I will be replacing all the Audience AU24 RCA interconnects in my system with Cardas Golden Reference. I have Merlin VSM's so there are RCA's from source to BAM, from BAM to pre and from pre to power.

My question is, where in the chain will the Cardas make the most difference? My instinct tells me that it will be where the lowest current is, i.e. from the source to the BAM, but I have nothing to base that on other than the hunch that the greatest vulnerability to the signal happens with the lowest current. Of course, I have virtually no significant understanding of electronics, so I am in fact speaking ex recti. Any thoughts?
The first thing I would consider doing is trying to borrow a Cardas interconnect and make sure this is the cable you need..It kinda sounds like a sideways move to me ,but I am not an expert on Merlins needs..I would though make sure Cardas is the direction you need to go first before paying out the money to switch over..Just my gut feeling...
I agree: best to move in steps. One pair might be a great addition, but two in a chain may be too much of a good thing. It depends!
Cardas was the very worst cable in my system. Try other cables and see if they are better. Cardas might be fine for you, but I would listen carefully
Interesting. String: Which Cardas did you try?

Bobby P. of Merlin recommends both the Cardas Golden Reference and the Audience AU24, the latter being a more budget solution. So far, he hasn't steered me wrong.